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Kai’s Top Picks of 2016!

Our Teen Advisory Board members picked their favorite books/movies/CDS of 2016 and if they were looking forward to anything coming out (that they knew of) in 2017!


Sooooo, maybe you’re stuck for people to watch or you don’t think these people get the recognition they deserve, etc. Basically this is so fucking amazing people who need more subscribers because they’re amazing. (and yes, this includes some hella ironic gifs)

1) Ashely Mardell

This lady is an extremely opinionated youtube who doesn’t give up on her goal to change the world. Not only is she an amazing inspiration, she is hugely witty and is just adorable. She is also a strong representative of the youtube LGBTQA+ community. Her channel is funny, informative and can address some serious issues. All the more to love her (and her magnificent fiancé Grace).

2) Evan Edinger  ( @evanedinger )

Definitely one of my favourite youtubers. Evan, is basically a dad. Dad jokes, dad dancing, dad everything. His channel mainly runs on puns because he truly is the queen of puns. Also take note he is super relatable. Being zalfie, fall out boy, phan, twenty one pilot (as well as many others) trash isn’t easy. His personality is very heart warming, witty and intelligent.  His social media layouts are v aesthetically pleasing js, I’d also like to thank him on encouraging me to be open on my demi-sexuality and how he has shone light on asexuality. Seriously though, subscribe to this meme.

3) Dodie Clark ( @doddleoddle )

Dodie is my favourite female youtube and there has never been a time she has not brightened my day. Her main channel videos mainly consist of her own creative talent with music and covers. Her videos are the reason the word aesthetic exists okay?  Her second channel is her way of expressing the actual Dodie Clark. Either way, you’ll rather laugh, cry or smile with her on her journey. She is the person i recommend her to everyone. Her personality is very deep, funny, silly and damn adorable. She is a serious role model and you’ll fall in love with her instantly. 

4) Lucy Moon ( @meowitslucy )

Lucy is a wonderful soul that everyone should be aware that it exists. Lucy’s channel ranges but all-in-all its a beautiful channel. With her dreamy voice, adventures, wild mind and beautiful videos, you will get lost in her videos. Her content is always nice to see and once again will please all the aesthetic needs. 

5) AmandasChronicles 

So you get memes, jesus, some kind of drug, gay (so much gay),  anti gender roles, naked people and pink hair dye and stick them in a blender, what do you get? You’ll get Amanda. I promise you now, you will most likely piss yourself laughing at one of their videos. They are so funny and expressive and literally gives zero fuck on what others think about them. Amanda’s channel is true art and I don’t think I can put it into words to describe their content. So just check it out.

6) Jamie Jo ( @bananajamana )

Probably the most adorable person on the internet. She is so talented and artistic and just yes with everything she does. Jamie is a disney fanatic and loves animals. Her personality is really sweet and very very rarely has a video that isn’t sweet and just lovely to watch. 

7) Savannah Brown ( @savannxh-b )

Savannah is the ultimate feminist icon. She’s extremely opinionated and won’t fret to educate you on serious subjects. Her voice resonated with her audience and she is a true inspiration. Beware, as you will probably leave her channel with an existential crisis.

That’s about everyone I can think of from the top of my head, if you have anymore people you’d like me to add please message me to recommend them <3

(also, a  massive thank you to all of these amazing people I have talked about. You are a reason that I smile everyday xx)

📷 ggwookie

Here’s our main library. We also have a set of bookshelves dedicated to Buddhism and Tibet, plus I have one full of law materials, plus there are full shelves in the kids’ rooms. Happy World Book Day.

PS. I’m currently reading “On What Matters” by Derek Parfit, “Treaty Interpretation” by Richard Gardiner, and “The ABC’s of LGBT+” by Ashley Mardell.
Supporting Diverse Creators on YouTube
Often when people sing YouTube’s praises we frequently hear things like, “Authentic videos that reflect everyday people!” and “A place where anyone can upload regardless of race, age, gender, or orientation!” While these these claims might be true, you wouldn’t know it by looking at just the top tier creators.
By Ash Mardell

This lack of diversity amongst top tier creators shouldn’t surprise anyone, we’ve seen it since the birth of the platform (which has only ever had one non-white and two female leaders since 2006.) We were reminded of this lack of diversity in 2015, during black history month, when Akilah Hughes pointed out the number of tweets YouTube posted promoting black creators was only 15 compared to the 167 tweets they posted promoting white channels. And we still see it today, in 2016, when the only channel amongst the top 30 that stars an LGBT+ person, is TheEllenShow. Yikes.

…We can’t sit back idly and simply wait for acceptance to happen however. If creators hope for the platform to become a place that truly celebrates and represents all kinds of people, we need to start taking action.

Click through to read four tips from Ashley Mardell for creating and supporting diversity in content.


this This THIS!

You gotta watch this video by Ashley Mardell on coming out (and straight cis YouTubers appropriating that experience)

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part one

part two

part three

OMG iv’e been waiting for FOREVER to post these videos! i would’ve done it sooner but i wanted to post all three together!

These are a series of videos by @ashleymardell explaining everything you could possibly want to know about people that are asexual and aromantic as well as anyone on that spectrum! she (and her guests) also talk about and explain a whole bunch of ace and aro terms!

There is so much in these videos to learn! i even learned a few things myself!