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Ramble Time

Remember that episode where Casey starts to date Lizzie’s soccer coach Scott and like everyone likes him even Derek but then this douche tells Derek that he’s dating three different girls plus Casey and like the instant he tells him Derek’s face just instantly drops and you can tell he just wants to punch this guy in the face.

Cause I just watched it and it’s just so pivotal and not talked about enough. Because Derek spends the episode trying to figure a way to tell Casey that this guy is a jerk off. But why wouldn’t he just tell her, yanno? Why does he struggle with it? And there’s a moment where he walks into her room to tell her and he looks just really distraught and before he goes to tell her there’s a cutaway scene of him thinking about how she’s going to react, right. And it’s him thinking she’s gonna take it well and say thank you for being honest cause she knows that was hard for him and that’s he’s a really good brother for doing that. But that makes him just groan and leave the room.

So it just makes me feel like that was his moment for realizing he liked Casey. Because before that Casey always called him step-brother making emphasis on the step and no relation whatsoever. And that’s always so crucial in my head when they start switching the step term. But that’s another rant. Obviously he doesn’t care if she thinks he’s nice. They’ve done it to each other before and helped each other out. And Derek hates tears and he thinks this is gonna go through smoothly. So why back out in just telling her?

Except that he realized that he doesn’t want to be her brother. He wants to be something else. Something more.

It’s just my opinion and that was really rambling and incoherent but yeah. I feel like that’s his moment for realizing he has something for Casey.


derek and casey: guide to step-siblings.

Mornings With Derek

Derek’s favorite part about waking up is when he stumbles out of bed to find Casey cooking breakfast. It’s nothing major just eggs and toast or sometimes bacon when he was really romantic the night before or waffles if she wanted a favor. But the food wasn’t the best part.

No, because the best part was when he got to come up behind her as she was standing by the coffee maker. When he’d get to just lean his face onto her shoulder and the little jump she’d do because it startled her every time. It was just a nice feeling to see her be taken by surprise and that smile she’d throw over her shoulder at him was more than beautiful.

Sometimes he’d just hold her, sometimes he’d tickle her until she yelled his name, sometimes he’d start kissing her shoulder and up her neck and to her jawline. She’d complain about his breath and he’d purposely blow it at her face. They’d start the bickering and it was all without heat behind it.

The morning would keep going on. She’d finish making breakfast and he’d pour up the coffee with insane amounts of creamer in both cups. They’d sit on the counter to eat because the table Derek had tried to put together fell apart after one dinner. (It was faulty bolts, Case!) And he’d slather his toast in jelly and butter and she’d wrinkle her nose as she dipped hers in the yolk of her eggs. Derek would wipe his face with the back of his hand and try to wipe it on her pajamas which make her real back and almost fall off the counter. He’d laugh and she’d scold and she’d take that as a cue to go get changed and ordered him to clean up. (If I cook, you clean.) So he’d protest but do it because it’s Casey and that’s just what they do.

They’d spend the rest of the morning fumbling around each other in the tiny bathroom. Derek constantly taking up more space than necessary to brush his teeth and Casey taking all the counter space with makeup and hair products. They’d shove each other and argue more and he’d constantly move her makeup in different orders to throw her off. And she’d flush the toilet when he hoped in the shower. So he’d shake his sopping wet hair right as he walked past her. And DER-EK!

But he’d walk to the bedroom and pull on his boxers and jeans. He’d toss a dress of Casey’s onto the bed before pulling on some shirt that Casey had bought him that was actually his style. Surprisingly. And Casey would walk in the bedroom and see the dress and put it on because she knows he likes it and sometimes she likes to agree with him. And they’d finish getting ready with less incidents until they were finally both at the door.

Derek would open the door for her and she’d walk out and he’d check out her butt as she walked by. She’d lock the door because Derek lost his key again. They’re classes were on opposite sides of the campus and before she walked off he’d pull her close one last time and kiss her with his hands in her hair and her hands on his waist.

Because Derek’s favorite thing about mornings was Casey.

Always has to be touching the other:

Derek. He’d throw his arm around her shoulder when they snuggled on the couch. When they went out to town, he’d be holding her hand the entire time. If she was cooking dinner, he’d come up behind her and wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her cheek. Even when they slept, he’d move in the most uncomfortable positions just to be able to touch her. He just liked to have his hands on her. And Casey? She loved those moments when Derek would just absentmindedly reach for her. When he’d reach over to put his hand on her leg while he was driving. Or when he’d help her clean just so he could bump into her and tickle her side when she wasn’t paying attention. She loved him touching her and he never wanted to stop.