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I made this for a project a year ago, and as of today, the project sadly officially collapsed. The good news is, though, that I can share this with all of you! It’s a year old now but I still like it and I think you all will, too :D 

I jokingly called it “Fight Me, Bro!” at its conception, but having never come up with a title I actually liked, that name stuck.

“Fight Me, Bro!”
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Sean Feica (who’s music has appeared on #CriticalRole) is going to remaster my #VoxMachina orchestral theme this weekend LIVE on twitch! Come say hi! 😁
Fri 5/19 7pm EST
Sat 5/20 1pm EST
Sun 5/21 1pm EST

Announcement video here:

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Watch/Listen to the original VM orchestral theme here:

Female BioWare characters are allowed to be straight

Anyone who hates on Cora for being straight is a damn hypocrite.

This goes for anyone who has the same attitude towards straight female characters in BioWare games.

Would you think it’s okay for people to loudly hate on every lesbian character, and then claim that they should be straight based on some stereotypes?

It’s the same exact thing.

Get over yourselves. Seriously.