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“Be the kind of woman, who, when your feet it the floor each morning, the devil says “crap, she’s up”

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Kai’s Top Picks of 2016!

Our Teen Advisory Board members picked their favorite books/movies/CDS of 2016 and if they were looking forward to anything coming out (that they knew of) in 2017!

Something's wrong // Jen, Tyler, Josh, Ashley
  • Jen: Jen had been trying all night long to get a hold of Josh. She texted, called and even called his house phone but nothing. Eventually Ty had convinced her that he probably just went to bed and she should try again in the morning. Jen gave in, calling Josh the second she woke up the next morning, still no answer. She slipped out of bed and her boyfriends arms and started ruffling through her drawers to find clothes. She needed to go to Josh, there was no reason he would ignore her calls. After his breakup, or whatever you would call it, with Ashley, he’d been a totally train wreck and Jen was worried he had done something overly stupid.