ashley gilreath

True Blue Me & You’s Most Popular Posts of 2013 Based on Notes. Part 2. Part 1 here. What I learned: infographics are very popular. What is popular on Tumblr, Pinterest and what people outside Tumblr look at on True Blue Me & You is very different. Papercrafts, cats, food and fandom DIYs are usually more popular than jewelry and fashion DIYs on Tumblr. #6 Harry Potter Monopoly and #9 Ashley Gilreath’s magnificent necklace are my favorites in the entire popular list.

  1. Roundup of Fourteen Ways To Knot Your Belt from Fashionrolla. 6,424 Notes
  2. A Guide to Jewelry Chain Types from Design Thrift. 6,735 Notes
  3. Book Clutch Tutorial from Caught on a Whim. 6,828 Notes
  4. Fashion Pattern Vocabulary Infographic Part 1 from Enerie here. Fashion Pattern Vocabulary Part 2 Infographic and Know Your Dress Vocabulary. 8,201 Notes
  5. Natural Fabric Dyes Chart and How To Dye Fabric from Anjou Clothing. 8,867 Notes
  6. Harry Potter Monopoly Game from Design in Technology here. How to download the printables. 15,738 Notes
  7. Cactus Cupcake Tutorial from Alana Jones-Mann. 18,548 Notes
  8. DIY Dolce & Gabbana Baroque Applique Tights Tutorial from Cocorosa. 15,920 Notes
  9. “I Am Who They Were” Necklace by Artist Ashley Gilreath. 30,124 Notes