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★ ·.·´¯`·.·★ [ Ashley Graham] ★·.·´¯`·.·★

✴ Weight: 91 kg or 201 pounds
✴ Height: 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm
✴ Hair Colour: Dark Brown
✴ Eye Colour: Dark Brown
✴ Birth Place: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
✴ Date Of Birth: October 30, 1987
✴ Occupation: Model


Be the Desi Ahsoka You Wish to See in the World

I had the fortune to go to NYCC this year on Friday, and decided to dress as Ahsoka. I can’t really sew and didn’t have the energy to really learn after work, but I’m creative and a little crafty! So I got a dress of the right shape from forever 21, borrowed a bag from my mum’s closet, a tie from my dad’s closet, a necklace my grandmother gave me for my sixteenth birthday, et voilá!

I was on the main show floor trying in vain to understand the map provided on the app. I had put several signings and events on the Schedule but I couldn’t figure out where on earth they were (if you’ve ever been to the Javits Center you’ll know it’s Enormous). And then I heard someone shout, THERE’S AHSOKA!!!!

It was @ekjohnston herself??? After I got over my complete confusion at someone that I was hoping to meet calling out to me I went over to say hello and she complimented my costume and asked to take pictures with me???? I tried to be Chill but jsyk I died a little. (She wrote the Ahsoka book you guys. I love this book. It’s phenomenal and sad in its very Star Wars way and it’s centered on Ahsoka finding her purpose and new identity after the events of rots. Read it immediately if you haven’t already.) anyway so I took pictures with her and then immediately went and bought a copy of the book and had her sign it. She’s got a really cool signature. I told her so.

A little later Ashley Eckstein @heruniverseofficial did a panel offsite at the Hudson Mercantile. She spoke quite eloquently about her upcoming book and the importance of chasing your dreams. Afterwards I had the chance to meet her and I thanked her for bringing Ahsoka to life, as it was one of the few times I have been able to turn on the tv and see someone who looked like me. Ahsoka is named after Ashoka, an Indian king; the Ashoka pillar is literally on Indian currency, like Washington is on the American quarter. George Lucas has consistently borrowed from eastern cultures for Star Wars - everything from names like Ahsoka, Padme, and Shaak Ti, to the very philosophy of the Jedi. Ahsoka in the show is a Togruta and her skin color is brownish (I know people consider it orange but I still can’t look at her and not see a little of myself. To me, she’s brown.) Ahsoka is incredibly important to me and to a lot of other girls and women like me, and she feels like representation.

((I still can’t believe I got to meet both the voice of Ahsoka and the author who wrote the Ahsoka novel while dressed as her. It feels surreal. I can’t wait to wear bits and pieces of this outfit to work if only to smile to myself.))


         ↳     based on my own pride experiences & other cute stuff
                feel free to tag me if you make anything for these!

    • keith and lance buying each other their respective pride flags before the parade starts, helping each other to tie it round the other where they want it 
    • the way lance sticks out his tongue in hard concentration as he paints keith’s face for him, trying his best to stay steady despite some bumping from others
    • keith writes “biggest” on one of lance’s cheeks and “bi” on the other cheek. he’s very proud of his work tbh and can’t stop telling lance how good he looks
    • they hold hands pretty much the entire time, ignoring how sweaty their hands get - sometimes even switching sides so they can hold the other hand with less sweat but all the same affection
    • their soft kisses in the street all throughout the parade, ranging from cheek kisses to jokingly sloppy ones, laughing between kisses all the same
    • their arms slung around each other’s shoulders, still holding hands and they… cannot stop looking at each other and repeating i love yous
    • they arrive home later on, still laughing about today’s events as they both flop on the sofa and curl into one another
    • lance cradles keith’s face in his hands as they lay there 
        • “i had the best time today, keith.”
        • “yeah? me too.”
    • and that leaves lance smiling so wide he can feel his cheeks hurt for the 1000th time today as keith rests his head on lance’s chest
        • “oh and lance?”
        • “yeah?”
        • “you’re still the biggest bi.”