ashley doesnt know how to tag things

no shade but i dont see nearly enough latinx positivity on here so heres to dark skinned latinxs 

spanish speaking and non spanish speaking latinxs

latinxs who know their culture and are proud of every bit of it or those who feel like they have to hide it to be accepted

latinxs who arent accepted by America or their home country because theyre not enough of either

latinxs who know their worth or who are still looking for it

latinxs who are blamed for every fucking problem in this country and who endure

latinxs who deal with heavy sexualization from stupid white people who want to be us every halloween and cinco de mayo

latinxs who spend hours working their asses of for even a glimpse or gratefulness

you are seen and goddammit you are loved



if ur not watching critical role idk what to tell you, ur missing out on gems like this my dudes