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Ryan's wild night - Part 2 - The Patch @ E3 - June 16th (5hr 31m)
  • Meg: Then Ryan - Did Ryan tell you he met a lady at the party?
  • Ryan: Oh someone befriended me.
  • Meg: Yeah!
  • Ashley: Who did you meet?
  • Ryan: I don't know.
  • Meg: -laughs- He was drinking quite heavily - [everyone talks over eachother and Gus demands the story]
  • Meg: Let me let you part of the story for my perspective. The story is that Burnie and I were playing a baseball pinball game so one person pitches and one person hits- Burnie destroyed me by the way, so we're playing and Ryan is playing terminator pinball next to us. Suddenly Ryan is gone-
  • Ryan: No you left first.
  • Meg: Well first we went- they had hamburgers [everyone agrees how good the hamburger sliders were] So we went to go get those and in the meantime, what had happened to you? [gestures to Ryan]
  • Ryan: Well I went over to play Mortal Kombat and I was playing by myself and err some lady rolled up and just started playing with me.
  • Meg: Some fine young thing came up and was playing - and then you were playing a different game you were playing tetris when we saw you next.
  • Ryan: Yeah then we moved to tetris, yeah I think she was interested for the length of time it took her to notice that I was wearing a wedding ring and then she was like "Oh, okay. Well bye then."
  • Ashley: Did she literally just look at your hand and then turn around and walk away? Or were there at least some pleasantries afterwards?
  • Ryan: Errrrrr no well somewhere in there it was "Oh well nice to meet you." [gestures a handshake]
  • Ashley: Awww Ryan you got like- you got picked up on that's really great!
  • Ryan: I don't know maybe I got spotted or picked up on-
  • Meg: I think you got picked up on and then also I got a photo of him playing like "Oh look Ryan made a friend."
  • Ashley: Wait - so we can figure out if we know this girl?
  • Meg: Oh absolutely-
  • Ryan: Well you got the back of her-
  • Meg: The best part! The girl you were playing with!
  • Ryan: Honestly probably saw more than I did; I was playing mortal kombat at the time.
  • Meg: The best part was Burnie's response to Ryan saying; "I think she walked away because I had a ring on," and Burnie said; "A ring won't stop a girl like that."
  • -everyone laughs-
  • Ryan: Or more that I'm just awful at picking up women which is a well known fact. [Meg interjects that he thrashed her at tetris] I thrashed her at Mortal Kombat AND tertis. Err I even asked her at one point; "I guess I kind of err missed my chivalric duty there by not letting you win." And she was; "Nah it's fine."
  • Meg: Urgh put on your fedora.
  • Ashley: She has the right attitude about it.
  • -Back to actual video game news-
  • -the end-

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Jess ashley and sam 5, because you did this to me, you did this to me sammy

*INTENSE GASP* How could you!!!

kill: I, err, Ash! RIP Brotato


have on your zombie apocalypse team: I guess that leaves Sam, athletic right?

*internal screaming* XD

Being Friends With The Marauders Would Include...(Part 3)

Part 1 | Part 2

* * *

  • You being so over protective of all the boys
  • “sneakily” trying to scope out the girls the boys are dating to make sure they’re suitable
  • “did you talk to Ashley?” 
  • “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t”
  • “you did because she told me”
  • “Sirius she likes country music you cannot date her”
  • The whole mood dropping a considerable amount when it comes to the night of the full moon
  • Everyone trying to stay lighthearted but no ones seen Remus all day long
  • You basically being the whole reason it’s called the Shrieking Shack
  • “Madame Rosmerta swore that she heard yelling and screaming or something coming from that Shack on the hill” 
  • “Yeah…didn’t you know it’s haunted?”
  • Making a pact with Sirius that if neither of you are married at 30 you’ll marry each other
  • Remus getting jealous
  • “Don’t worry Remus you’re my second choice
  • “Wow I feel so special”
  • Sitting with Remus in the common room one night at 3 am
  • Him telling you he liked you
  • You kissing him
  • Being super super nervous to tell everyone about your relationship
  • Forgetting that you didn’t tell anyone and then kissing Remus one day and everyone being like “??????????????? UM????” 
  • “Oh yeah we’re dating now” 

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Hey ashley, did you ever get a spinal tap? My neurologist admitted me to the hospital to have it done and I'm too scared to make an appoimtment.

No, I’m afraid I haven’t, dear, although I’ve had a few other sorta scary procedures, like an endoscopy and brain MRI. I totally understand why you’d be scared, but my experience with tests is that the anticipation is usually worse than the test itself, so getting it over with is a relief, and preferable to procrastinating it and worrying.

Maybe it would help if you watched a video of a spinal tap being performed, so you can see that it’s a pretty quick, simple, lowkey procedure. I’m sure it won’t be fun, but the guy who posted the video said it wasn’t as bad as he feared. It might hurt some, but they’ll give you a local anesthetic, so it’ll probably be much less of an ordeal than getting a cavity filled. It’ll be over in just a few minutes, and all you have to do is lie there.

I know it’s scary, but “get it over with and put it behind you” is my motto when it comes to tests. You can do this, hon.


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Name: ks
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Favorite Singer/Band: many
Dream Job: storyboard artist at CN
When This Blog Was Created: once
When This Blog Hit Its Peak: i dont want to talk about it
Why Did You Decide to Make a Tumblr: r
Why Did I Pick My URL: snorp

who i pick:

if you read up to here…..I PICK YOU, THE READER…..woah what a twist wow