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Until Dawn + The F-Bomb


- Throwback to when Until Dawn came out and it was one of the biggest games in 2015. -

  • Hannah (Han) and Beth Washington played by Ella Lentini
  • Joshua (Josh) Washington played by Rami Malek
  • Samantha (Sam) Giddings played by Hayden Panettiere
  • Matthew (Matt) Taylor played by Jordan Fisher
  • Emily (Em) Davis played by Nichole Bloom
  • Michael (Mike) Munroe played by Brett Dalton
  • Jessica (Jess) Riley played by Meaghan Martin
  • Christopher (Chris) Hartley played by Noah Fleiss
  • Ashley (Ash) Brown played by Galadriel Stineman

when you find out you can’t save josh

when matt dies because you tried to save emily

when you have ashley investigate the voice and get her killed

when you find out it was all a prank

when hannah ate beth

when shooting the squirrel is an option

when you and your girlfriend can’t bone because she got pulled through a window and you gotta chase her

Our wonderful PhotoOp with Brett Dalton at Montreal ComicCon ♥
Look out for these amazing people! ♥

Me as Ashley
@infamous-hogwartsjaguar as Sam
@jollysbutt as Mike
@vengeful-devil as Josh


So apparently the characters share their birthdays with their actors. And that the game takes place 2nd February 2015, and their characters ages when the game takes place:
Jess, Matt and Ashley -18
Mike, Emily, Chris and Sam -19
Josh -20