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"A Melody in Harmony" - New Excerpt

*Semi-based on actual events*

Noah and Ronan sat together on a bench in the park, taking some much-needed downtime on a Saturday afternoon before work that evening.

A little boy suddenly ran up near the bench and started picking some dandelions. “Mommy?” the boy asked his mother, who was approaching.

“Yes, hun?” the mother asked.

“Mommy, I want to put these in my room!” the little boy squealed.

“Honey, you’re a boy. Boys don’t have flowers in their rooms. Now put those down and come on.” the mother said, gesturing for him to follow her as they walked away.

Noah and Ronan watched on in shock before they suddenly heard voices. Two, old women sat on the bench across from them and were chatting amongst themselves, yet loudly enough for the guys to hear.

“Flowers for his room? He’s a boy. He’s going to grow up to be gay!” one woman said.

“I know. But that mother is raising him right. Get him a football, not dandelions!” the other woman responded.

Noah and Ronan couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Noah looked over at Ronan and could see his anger brewing. The last thing Noah wanted was for Ronan to confront them, so he decided to take matters into his own hands — literally.

“Come on,” Noah smiled, grabbing Ronan’s hand and getting up from the bench.

Ronan gave in and walked hand-in-hand with Noah as they walked passed the old women.

“Have a nice day, ladies.” Noah smiled at them before giving Ronan a quick peck on the lips and walking off. The two women looked on in disgust, but Noah and Ronan didn’t look back and just continued walking.

Noah waited until they were far enough away from them before saying, “And that’s how it’s done.”

My new LGBT novel “A Melody in Harmony” will be available this summer!

"Masterpiece" - Excerpt, Page 160-161

“My life means nothing without you in it.” Jac whispered to her. “Eve, I’ve been walking all night. I just needed to see you.” he spoke quietly.

“You walked this whole way from Moreno Valley? All night long?? Are you insane?!” she asked confusedly.

“No… I’m in love.” he said sweetly as he walked toward her and grabbed her hands in his. “Eve, one thing I’ve learned about art is that, it’s not perfect. It doesn’t have to be a flawless masterpiece. I’m not perfect, we’re not perfect… but right here, right now… is perfect. It’s a masterpiece.” he said as he kissed her.

That moment couldn’t have been painted any more perfect.

“Masterpiece” is available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

New GLBT Novel "A Melody in Harmony" available NOW!

My new GLBT novel “A Melody in Harmony” is available on Amazon now! Available in paperback and for Kindle! You can purchase it HERE !

One night, after having the idea suggested to me numerous times, I was greatly inspired to write a story about a gay couple. That’s when the characters Noah Nash and Ronan Shea were born. I’ll never forget the following day. It was a Sunday, the day the Academy Awards aired on television, to be exact, and I had spent the entire day brainstorming and writing what soon became my LGBT novel. Otherwise known as “A Melody in Harmony.” As Ronan and Noah struggle to be accepted in Henderson, my goal with this story was to shed light on the bigotry and the hate that people of the LGBT community deal with, and also showcase the love that these two young men share. I hope people of the LGBT community are able to relate to Noah and Ronan and come to admire their confidence, pride and love throughout this story. I also hope those of you who may agree with the bigots in this story, that you think twice and let Noah and Ronan’s love enlighten you.

- Ashley Chunell

Henderson is a small, old-fashioned town. Growing up here proved tough for Noah Nash, as he knew the truth he lived would never be accepted in this town, even by his family. To him, all he had was his keyboard. 

Until one day, that all changed when Noah met Ronan Shea. Ronan’s confidence, wisdom and pride inspires Noah to finally, happily live his truth for the entire town to see. 

This is a story of two young men and their journey to a relationship, fighting for equality and listening to their melody while striving to live in harmony.