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A Stranger Things Fanfic

Elizabeth Hopper has never had what one would consider an easy life. At the tender age of twelve, she lost her younger sister, Sara, to cancer, prompting her parents to get a divorce and forcing her to choose between them. Being a typical daddy’s girl, it came as no surprise that she chose to go with her father back to Hawkins, Indiana, where she promptly befriended the number one outcast, Jonathan Byers.

Four years later, it’s the start of her Sophomore year, and her life has finally seemed to settle down… that is until Will goes missing, Joyce seemingly loses her mind, Nancy Wheeler joins their little outcast duo, and, oh yeah, a literal monster from another dimension ends up in their small town on a hunting spree.

“The world obviously hates me and doesn’t want me to have an easy life. It’s the only explanation.”