ashley babbles

Okay but Imagine before Hannah and Beth go missing, Josh throwing a halloween party with a bunch of people not just including the main 8. Its at the Lodge and everything is fall colors and leaves are falling off tress. Josh going all out making the party bomb af because halloween is his shit. There is also haunted trail going to the guest cabin where he set up a bunch of jumpscares. Josh is dressed as a pharaoh because well Ahkmenrah. Josh and Chris doing light hearted pranks because they are big old nerds. OOKAY BUT LIKE LIGHT HEARTED FUN PRANKS ALL NIGHT WITHOUT ANY STRESS, AND DANCING LOTS OF DIRTY DANCING AND SNOGGING. BUT LIKE I NEED THIS. JUST IMAGINE

Until Dawn as a custom tabletop RPG that Josh masterminded, maybe with a few tips here and there from Sam and Chris.

Still a way to get Chris and Ashley together, but as the game goes on Ashley becomes less interested in it and Josh and Chris start getting really gay (as usual) whoops.

Hannah and Beth’s characters died last game and they publicly refused to play again. (Hannah actually has a surprise character, getting back at everyone who let her die last game.) ((she bursts in when Josh texts her, freaking everyone out and leading into the big Wendigo reveal))

Every time someone rolls badly, Josh has to make a really awful joke about “die"ing.

Mike just keeps rolling to seduce everyone, and if that fails, he attacks.

Jess and Emily are happy girlfriends snarking at each other in game and laughing about it between turns (only bc Mike’s seduction roll only works on Jess’s character).