ashley and me tbh

@heruniverseofficial just sent me this picture, and it really captures my full emotional spectrum of the Ahsoka Lives! meet up (not to mention it’s a good shot of the stairs, except the whole right side and the bottom of the left are missing. there were SO MANY people!!!).

I had such an amazing time, and I’m just SO GLAD that I was able to make it to the photo/meet up. I am still a little gobsmacked by it, tbh (especially the reaction when Ashley introduced me!). It was incredible.

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Ashley gives me a yellow diamond vibe,(idk why tbh?Is that weird?)but I kinda love it

Ashley’s supposed to have that imperial b***** feel with her. Part of the reason I started Ask Your Diamond is because I saw the striking similarities, even in costume, and was like HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve some YD and Ashley pics , too !

and the dab pair 

Here’s where u can really see the outfit thing

Even in the new outfit….

I avoid the colour yellow on her for this reason, too 38)

Thank u for paying attention to my art that means a lot my friend

by the way, ashley’s ask box is open!!!♥♥♥


Hi I’m Ashley and I’m Super Pan™

(Also my nose is bleeding irl rn so here’s old pics)


                       “…it really is a love affair between those two girls and it’s gone wrong.
                                          - Megan Abbott on Beth and Addy in Dare Me 

Anne and Chloe breakdown scene *English Sub spoilers*

(Ok so when Anne’s talking normally, her voice kind of reminds me of Ashley Burch tbh. Plus due to stress she is a little jaded at the beginning, similar to Chloe [tho tbh personality wise they are exact opposites like Anne would never say what Chloe is saying, which you can tell by just the subs 8U]. So I thought I’d use Chloe’s breakdown scene audio with Anne’s….kinda breakdown scene? I had to get new clips and they happened to be the english ones so sorry about that, it’s not as clean as my usual videos featuring this scene. But yeah I thought it fit so…. XP I might do the whole scene if I can get clips raw/without any subs.)

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Dude. Your post. I want Pike to be gay so bad. Like there was the second where she wanted to get in on the "contest" to see who could pick that lady up. Also it turns the whole "I was going to bring up the person Pike likes, but then they started having a moment" thing on it's head. Also I'm so happy that we now know Tary is gay. I love getting diversity in the pcs!

tbh ive been confident Pike was into Vex for like, pmuch the longest time. The moment Ashley said that Laura was the only one who knew who pike was into i was certain. I think it was interesting that Sam chose to let Tary be peer pressured into sleeping with a woman if he’s just not into women. It felt really like he was trying to fit in and wasn’t sure where the line of acceptance sat.

Tbh it feels like, to me, that Ashley may have come back thinking that it would probably be best for Pike to be openly queer instead of hiding it, since so many fans are receptive to queer characters.

(also pls dont call me dude the word is very gendered to me)


Helen, there’s something I need to ask you.

I want more posts/stories/whatever about how Geoff Ramsey got to be king of Los Santos. Sure, it’s a known fact now, but he didn’t start that way. 

Give me early-crime-days Geoff who joins a crew, because he was never much of a loner (the way Ryan or Ray or even Michael could be). He starts out small, petty gangs and the like, learns the trade and meets the important people, gets invited to a fairly small crew. He quickly makes some friends, and pushes other people’s buttons real hard. He talks loud and fast and he’s smart, and that’s not something everyone likes. Some people just want muscle or guns; they don’t want another brain. 

So Geoff gets in a fight with the heads of his crew, splits and takes half their men with him. They don’t take kindly to that so they come for him, but Geoff is prepared, and he shoots the man he just worked for for 6 months point blank. Looks up at the other tops of the crew and shoots them all too. He goes to the remaining rival crew members, tells them to join or die (secretly laughs to himself about the history joke, because Geoff is nothing if not a closet nerd. He and Ryan become fast friends on this later). Some join, some resist, and true to his word Geoff kills all dissenters. 

He finds the people most loyal to him and delegates some responsibility to them. He begins planning his own hits– nothing big yet, just enough to get his name out there. They’re calculated; big enough to give him exposure, small enough that he won’t face retribution from cops and crews alike. “Geoff Ramsey” begins circulating amongst groups, and fuck if Geoff isn’t proud.

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