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I had left over stuff from Boston Comicon, sooo: ART GIVEAWAY. Fun.

1. You have to be following me. New or old, I don’t care.
2. You must reblog this post.
3. You can reblog more than once, but I won’t count more than twice for the “raffle”
4. On Sept 10th I’ll use a random number generator to pick three winners.
5. I’ll pay for shipping if it’s within the US, for international I ask that you assist in shipping.
6. Winners will have a day to respond to me contacting them stating that they’ve won.

Winner 1 Receives: Their choice of either two large prints, or one large prints and a free commission.
Winner 2 Receives: Their choice of one small print, and one large print.
Winner 3 Receives: Bookmarks and stickers.
All winners may choose which pin they would like to receive.

[Note: Everything in the images appear darker than they are in real life. I don’t have proper lighting, and was having technical difficulties with the camera so forgive my spotty photography!]

I took a break from working on other illustrations and made a repeat pizza pattern. Feel free to use it yourself, just please credit me for the artwork somewhere on the page. Make sure you set the background to tile or repeat if you use it, when you do it looks like this (I’m currently using it on my twitter.): Click click.

It was basically me wanting to experiment with hand lettering and stuff…