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LGBT Youtuber Master Post

 Last Updated June 9th 2015

Send me anyone/everyone I have left out so I can get them added to the list. Thank you! Also if you’re an LGBT youtuber and would like to be added just let me know!


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Worth ItXButtons
  • Worth ItXButtons
  • Fifth Harmony & The Pussycat Dolls
  • Worth ItXButtons - Mashup

Made another mashup but this time with Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It” and The Pussycat Dolls’ “Buttons”!

Huuuuuge thanks to my good friend acidicbehavior for giving me this idea earlier today!



youtuber @ashleymardell just released part 1 of her long awaited trilogy on asexuality and aromanticism! this video series is about both asexuality and aromanticism and is part of a larger series of videos called “The ABC’s of LGBT”.

you might be thinking that this is probably just another one of those asexuality or aromanticism 101 videos made by someone who isn’t ace or aro themselves, but that’s the thing. it’s actually not!

unlike other videos, this video series is much more comprehensive, discussing over 40 different ace and aro related identities & topics. in another YouTube first, Ashley reached out to ace and aro spectrum youtubers and spent months collabing with 12 of us to make sure that she got things right and that ace & aro voices were heard.

that isn’t to say that everything in these videos will be 100% spot on. everyone involved is, of course, voicing their own opinions and understanding of things, but again this is where Ashley does other ally youtubers better. she is extremely open to learning and receiving feedback, so if you see something problematic in these videos please let her (or even myself or other youtubers involved) know! she will be making a followup video to address people’s feedback.

what all and who all are in this video? see under the cut!

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I Need More Friends That Are Into:

— Halsey 

— Melanie Martinez

— Anime 

— Fifth Harmony

— Lana Del Rey 

— Girl Meets World

— Supernatural 

— The Walking Dead 

— Teen Titans 

my life has gotten to the point where my favourite celebrities make me happier than anyone I’ve ever met and if you’re fortunate enough to have met your favourite celebrity, I hope you know just how lucky you are and that I am so so happy for you

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