After reading “GIRL WONDER”, i think its safe to say we all have that one friend we trusted with every ounce of our being and then WHAM they screw you over. The screwing over part is the worst you’ve ever felt and it makes it hard to give your friendship to anyone who tries. I have huge trust issues, huge part of the reason why i keep such a close knit group of friends. I’ve been fucked over countless times not to care anymore. I don’t stick around long enough to try to make it work either. I mean do you blame me? Fool me once shame on you..fool me twice..shame on me. There’s no such thing as a third try with me. But sometimes in life , second chances are a rarity, you only get one chance. No master backs.

Don't ever change yourself to impress someone, because they should be impressed that you don't change to please others

In order for a person to truly care about who you are as a person they must be willing to accept who you are at your heart’s deepest levels. It is easy to love someone that tries to please everyone else, whereas it is much more difficult to love someone who is only his or her self at all times. This in no way should stop anyone from being or acting as themselves because one should only want love or someone to care about them if it is a genuine love.

“SHOW EM” the good the bad the ugly..there’s no telling em" if they going love you"

I’d never change myself for someone to love. It’s not me that they love..but who they wish for me to be to love. If you loved wouldn’t want/ask for me to change. Flaws and all..take me as i am or not at all.


1) Hello Kitty duo compact ( super fun eye shadows and lip balms)

2) Mini Vaseline lip therapy

3) Revlon 16 hr stay shadow in Adventure

4) Mini NARS in Night Breed

5) Eye liner (brand unknown “/)

6) Tweezer

7) Mini jar of hydrochordizone cream (Don’t judge me!! Ya people make jokes about using it as an ass itch cream but i use it when i break out in hives. UFA)

8) Chanel moisturizer

9 & 10 ) Eye shadow brushes

& THAT is what i carry but hardly ever use. I just have it in case if i ever needed to touch up. Whats in your make up bag?


OUTFIT DIARIES: IT always starts with the shoes..we walk almost everywhere in Hawaii ( or at least i do..). So comfort is a must and IT being cute is an added plus. Lightwear options is a must during this time of the yr. Even though Hawaii seems like summer yr round, it does get hotter during the summer.

Egg robin blue draped blazer ($22.99) F21

Wool Ann Taylor skirt ($6.99) Goodwill

Paisley bustier ($6.99) F21

Sam & Libby peep toe booties ($9.99) Ross

Braided hex nut necklace ($3.00) Made by me <3


OUTFIT DIARIES: Its definitely been a long time since i’ve done one of these. Out of pure laziness and an individual commenting how they thought my post were a bit “full of my self” why? Because i like sharing where i get stuff and how people can look a million without spending it? OK. But its not at all. I just like sharing.

DRESS:Sheer purple pleated baby doll ($2)

SHOES:Wristtle by Steve Madden ($90)

NECKLACE:Feather chain/rhinestone draped necklace F21 ($10)


Go with my Grandma shopping for outfits <3

Its been such a long time since i can remember her actually wanting to get out of the house and holo holo for a bit. She doesn’t walk very fast and she gets tired. But we made it work!! As you can see were very colorful people <3

What was challenging today, besides having to go on my knees in heels to help my grandma try on clothes was finding a radio with a cassette player. OF ALL THINGS..apparently its a rarity and almost considered vintage in this modern era of technology enhanced devices. No on (barely) plays cassettes anymore. Except my grandma of course. The hunt begins..until next time <3