ashlee stupid text barf

okay so john is a really slow eater uvu like it does not matter where he is or what he is eating he just eats really slow!! so dave always has to wait for him to finish and for a long time it really annoyed him and he got ancy but tHEN they go to dinner for valentines day and john takes a long time to eat as usual but then in that long time they just talk about things and make each other happy by saying a bunch of lovey dovey poops

they stay so late that they get kicked out of the resturaunt because huh? it’s midnight?? and it is raining so they run outside and slow dance in the rain but ironically because hey john bro wait people might be around and and


hmm wait!! guys i dont get it why is it such a big thing about how popular ships are??

i always see people like ‘if johndave became popular i would not like it’ like HUH thats so silly because why does it matter, it matters if you!! yes you
like a ship, not someone else yep?? 

but seriously i love johndave so much even if it became canon or something somehow and skyrocketed in popularity WELP i wouldnt mind i just love johndave because i do!! and thats it sorry ranting or something but here it is 

wow i just love johndave so much is what i am getting at