Well, I know that I’m not good at editing, talking/write in english and that I don’t have a really good blog. I know that I’ve never talked with some of you and that I really miss the ones I used talk to. I know I can’t write kinda emotionally but I just want to letting you know that you’re my favourites and that I’m grateful for making my dash amazing everyday. I love you all and Merry Chritsmas.


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felt like doing one of this, in love with all blogs below, i’m guessing you already follow this blogs and if you don’t HUGE mistake, go follow! You all give sense to my dash so thank you, ILY ♥
ps; sorry for the crappy edit 

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My follow forever for you guys. If I forget someone, I apologize, and you should message me, okie dokes. 

Ps. I tried to do it alphabetically but I suck. Sorry.

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G,H,I: Grimshawnicks, Harrulds, Hoerry, Hahrry, Hlmschpl, Hipzayn, Horens, Hoponthatzayndeer, Haroldxstyles, Hrrays, Heavimetal, Hmuhaz, Hazgasms, Hazoohz, Holmeschapels, Horangelic, Itsharolds, Indiemalik

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S, T, U: Sassnation, Stylesis, Styleish, Tomlinsario, Tomlinosn, Tomlinpenis, Tomlensan, Tommosmile, Thosefiveflawlessfucks

Z: Zmalyks, Zaynssnog, 

 I would just like to thank everyone on here for being amazing and for lighting up my dash.  So thank you so much, and have a merry christmas and a wonderful year ahead too! :) (hover over your url)



ashlebenzo replied to your post: oh by the way this guy beside me in the emergency…


zeschanels replied to your post: oh by the way this guy beside me in the emergency…


yeah that was my first 15 minutes of trauma

princeofcheshire replied to your post: oh by the way this guy beside me in the emergency…

omg that is so scary, are you okay rn?

ik omg and yes im fine right now i just got back from the hospital :-D

doncstr replied to your post: oh by the way this guy beside me in the emergency…


idk i think he had a poor heart but idk :-(