ashlea bechaz


So this weekend I had an artist alley table at Melbourne Comic Con! Here are a few sketches I did while chilling. I think they turned out okay considering that I only had 5 different coloured pencils! I was a bit disorganized so I only had very limited art materials with me.

ALSO!!! I FREAKING MET CARY ELWES!!!! I wasn’t going to go but then they announced he was coming up and it was only gonna cost $40 so I did it and was led to the front of the line because I was an exhibitor HO HO HO!
I went over with a huge grin and asked him how he was and he asked me the same, then he reached out to me with the biggest smile and said I looked lovely and put his arm around me and I put my arm around him and it was AMAZING!
And then he asked my name and we shook hands and we both wished each other a great day and then I floated out of the room XD

Then I met the nicest art lady ever and we were both gushing over each other’s art styles and then she pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek and wished me luck with everything and it was SO NICE.

After that I could not keep the grin off my face!

I also met this lovely guy and his teacher who were selling prints and they gave me an awesome GoT print for cheapies and then they let me pick a second one for free ‘cause I was an artist there too! SO GOD DAMNED AMAZING.

Ugh, it was such an amazing experience, and I’m so thankful to have met so many nice new people and everyone was so supportive. I’m definitely going to go to Oz Comic Con again!

And a HUGE thankyou to my friend Sarsha who helped me set up the day before and my friends Nie and Jesse who kept me company at my table and let me wander around to look at all the pretty things.

Also, hot guys. Hot guys everywhere.