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Since you lost your vision, he’s been anxiously sitting there the whole time…..

How can I make up for it…..Fuzzy?

I guess I’ll play ball with you!

Volume 6.5 Under the Dust Jacket Mononokean
  • Zenko: Are Hanae and Abeno here?
  • Saga: They are. Shall I get them? (It's Fujiwara from Class 1, huh.)
  • Fushimi: Hey hey~ So whose girlfriend are you?
  • Zenko: Neither-
  • Ashiya: Ah! Zenko! What's wrong? Do you need something?? From me??
  • Saga: (Ashiya's girlfriend?)
  • Zenko: I just needed to talk to you for a bit.
  • Ashiya: (Is it about Yahiko? Or some other demon...?) ...Should we go somewhere else?
  • Zenko: Yeah.
  • Ashiya: Abeno-saaan! Zenko says she needs to talk!
  • Saga: (They're bringing Abeno!? Is this a love triangle?)
  • Abeno: ...Should we go up to the roof?
  • Zenko: Yeah.
  • Saga: (Is that going to be the scene of carnage...? Should I go stop them?)
  • Fushimi: See you later~
abeshiya week — day #1

Title: Distance
Day & Prompt: Day 1, Awkward Moments
Warnings: Secondhand embarrassment from our favorite youkai exorcists (SFW & spoiler free)
Pairing: Abeno Haruitsuki/Ashiya Hanae
Summary: Abeno and Ashiya aren’t quite sure how to act around each other after officially coming out as lovers. What follows after is a painfully awkward day together.

“S-So… we’re dating!” Ashiya’s uneasy voice almost seemed to echo in the little tea room, his face hot as he looked down at his lap. “A-ah… if I can’t even confess this to the Mononokean, it’ll be hopeless telling anyone else…” he mumbled, the bell chiming above him. Gazing towards the scroll, he read, ‘Oh, that was a secret? I knew that fo~rever ago (・ω<)テヘ’.

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