So this week started out amazingly because I went and watched Princess Mononoke on the big screen and I’ve got to say…wow. It was such an incredible experience. First off, the screening started out with a showing of the music video “On Your Mark” and I literally cried tears of joy after witnessing the masterpiece. The animation was amazing, that goes without saying, but I became so incredibly invested in this angel and two guards that were hell bent on setting her free. The feeling of camaraderie was so evident and palpable that I just loved it. The film itself was an experience. I knew I liked it but after watching it that night Princess Mononoke became one of my favorite Ghibli films. I just loved how the studio tackled the concept of taking car of our environment in a fantastical and non-preachy way. I know that Miyazaki inserts this idea in almost all of his movies but here it just really struck a chord with me. Ashitake can be seen as a stand in for the audience as he sees the conflict with “eyes unclouded by hate” as we do. We are in Ashitaka’s role as well and that’s why we can recognize the plight of San and the gods and sympathize with Lady Oboshi. The film was incredible for so many other reasons than what I have listed but I am going to stop it at there.

I also set up my expense logs, dream journal, and video journal. I did expense logs in my bullet journal last year and it really gave me a good sense of how much money I was spending each week but in order to save space for my actual bullet journal haha I decided to dedicate a whole notebook for my expenses, plus I can use it for the next year and make use of the surplus of notebooks I have collected over the years XD. My dream journal I am not making use of so far haha, I think I just need to sit down when I wake up and just write, we’ll see how that goes.

I also met up with the fan bam in LA which was amazing. We spent the day in Little Tokyo where I ate like a beast. I had the most amazing Bibimbap I have ever had. Like it was just wonderful. I’m doing this thing where I eat till I am not hungry and not belly bursting full…. well not that daaaaay. My belly was out, I was so sleepy afterwards and it was great haha. When we were leaving Little Tokyo me and my aunt stopped by a little mochi shop and omg mochi is love. I’ve always been a little hesitant with mocha, because I’m not the ice cream mocha’s biggest fan but mochi is a freaking goddess and I am only her humble servant. I can’t even explain how good it is, it’s so soft and chewy but so so so very smooth as well. It’s perfect. 

When we got back to Ventura we bought late night tickets to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I think this is a better “Harry Potter” film than the original eight mainly because of how much more focus there was on the magic. The original eight focused on darkness more than it did the magic of the world. In Fantastic Beasts you are immediately emerged in a world of color and fantasy. And while it did have its dark moments, it maintained a light0hearted and fun feel, like the book series did.

Overall I had a pretty fun week! <3