hard bright nights

there’s those red wine soaked, slow evenings,

all blurred lights and blurred lines on silk and sighs,

but tonight i kick off my heels to hang over the side of my bed

and shout along to Moving Pictures*, twisted in my blankets and old jeans

with a stupid smile on my sunslapped face that i copy and pasted 

from yours.

my pulse matches these retro drops and the screaming traffic in 

distant cities ashine in a glassy skyscraper of threaded system i just mentally 

jumped from.

i wish you were here for me to torture your sides with laughter, 

to pull you closer by your hoodie strings,

and to kiss into some neon fifth dimension. 

-rachel | @whatrachelwrote

*Moving Pictures is 1981 album by the Canadian band Rush 

The Skhean O’ Ma Rinky Dhinky Dhoo

a poem by Alton Cornford Heathertoes, Esquire

Cae a midnuit darke and drearie,

Perched upon yon eagles’ eyrie

Mhair than ordinary wearie

Yon Heroe caste his eyne

Upon a canyonne long and rounded

Twixt twin globes of softness bounded

By a fabric that astounded

On a maiden faire and fyne

And yon Heroe, stout and steadie

Wi’ flame-red hair and bodie readie

Carried on yon wind’s swift eddye

Leapt aground, yon eyes ashine

“Faire Ladye,” cried our Heroe handsome,

“Withe thine bosom so enchantsome,

“Thou hast held mine heart a-ransome -

“Wilt thou lie in chamber mine?”

And lo, the maiden fair was cheerful

Although our Heroe’s girth was fearful

And though her husband gave an earful

To our Heroe stout and fine,

They dallied ‘pon yon eagle’s eyrie

In the midnuit darke and drearie

Until the maiden was quite wearie

Of our Heroe’s touche Divyne!

i can’t believe there are loads of westerners commenting on news articles about the Rohingya Muslims saying poor poor Ashin Wirathu has been slandered cos ‘he’s a Buddhist monk and Buddhism is one of the most peaceful religions in the world’. like, the news article documents how he compares the muslim minority to animals and has incited violence against them and it’s justified? people who have zero knowledge of the complex ethnoreligious tensions in SEAsia are now experts and think that because of ISIS or something this is justified? the situations are totally different. plus they’re justifying collective punishment.

and the orientalist view of South, SEAsian and East Asian religions as 100% peaceful…??? i don’t know what these people have been smoking but many of our emperors adhered to these “100% peaceful religions” and had no problem slaughtering and conquering people to build expansionist empires for thousands of years. people will use any religion to justify violence if they want to.

like i always get this condescending vibe the way some non-Asians talk about Asia. whenever they’re not referring to the Middle-East/Western Asia, they think we’re people who found the secret to inner peace or that we never hurt a fly unless being influenced by european imperialism. good grief no, our history has been just as full of violence and imperialism. just because they don’t know it because they are more familiar with the bloody wars centered around the Abrahamic religions doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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Ashin’ Kutcher // Kid Cudi

roll swishers in the whip, dippin’ so quick
as now whiskey motherfucka, we up in this bitch
hoes love cooder (cudder), smooth duder, cudua
I am climbing, I am climbing, and I know why

who are you JUDY?! 

Current repeat jam session
ohhh yahhh