so i basically got lazy and used this site to create *drum roll* 

Ashild of Asgard. Daughter of Loki and Sigyn. Original character for and RP. My face claim for her is Michelle Trachtenberg (paticularly from Gossip Girl and Sexy Evil Genius bc hair and expression reasons)

i designed her on the site and then i added more shadows and highlights and effects in photoshop. 1.Midgard guise 2.“ "with cape 3.Asgardian casual 4.Formal 5.Prison 6.Battle Armor 

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so i woke up from a nap and was hella stuck on an RP. to remedy it…i did a hair study?? idk but i started sketching the royal pain in the butt siblings Ashild and Narvi, with different hair styles.

also my own younger brother told me he hadn’t seen me sketch or draw in awhile so there i fixed that

not like you would want to, but don’t steal. be nice thnx :3