ashikawa mitsuru

[Poem] Brave Story - Two Boys

Two boys by Goddess’s touch allowed
Into the world for dreams unbound
Two boys, each vying for a future
One for a mother, one for a sister

Two boys meet at the ancient shrine
One thought they might be friends, with time
The other told him to keep on moving
Though he himself had something he was seeking

Two boys who once had lives so plain
One whose journey shall be in vain
Two boys fighting to claim a single stone
Two boys to travel, never to be home.

Two boys meet once again
In the realm of the Goddess, beyond the world of men
Two boys through hardship and suffering became
The dearest of friends, chosen to call each other’s name.

so… here’s the practise pic I made trying out things Lyrl showed me in her tutorial video (again, thanks for the great work, darling!). I can’t really say I’m satisfied with what I did, but it was the very first try, so… I like this way of shading, so I will probably continue to work like this, maybe tweak and twist it until it becomes “me” so to say (although I don’t really have an idea yet where I want to arrive with it). The linework on the other hand… maybe I should have colored more of the lineart. It looks too strong. Maybe I drew too strongly from the start, I don’t know (taking out some opacity looked stupid ^^’). I need to remember making finer lines I guess, not those thick ones I use on my askblog xD; The background is pretty random. I didn’t use a layer over the rest and make patterns with it, it just wouldn’t have fit the pic I guess. All in all, nothing really fits together here, neither the colors nor the shades nor anything, but it’s just a quick test pic I did to train. Why did I upload it to Pixiv? I have no idea xD;
I guess for the other pic I was collecting techniques for, I’ll only use very few of the methods discussed in the video because they might not fit the pic. I don’t know. I did most of the lineart and wanna start coloring soon. I think it needs to get even softer than that.