Mikazuki Munechika - Touken Ranbu

Initially the favorite Tachi of the Kengo Shogun, Ashikaga Yoshiteru, who fought his last battle with it…Later he was bequeathed to the second Tokugawa shogun, Tokugawa Hidetada (1579-1632). Thus, he was passed down through Tokugawa Family. - Touken Ranbu Wiki


[Tanuki AU] (collab AU with Mune-chan ;D)

- Masamune is your usual college student living with his close friend Kojuro. One day, Kojuro suddenly got very sick. When no medicine seemed to be able to heal him, Masamune went to a shrine to pray for his health.

There, he met a shady mysterious man who somehow knew of his plight, giving him a tanuki (somewhat forcefully? XD) and saying that it will bring him good luck and heal his friend.

The tanuki shoved into his hands and the man vanishing just like that, Masamune was forced to bring the tanuki home. So their life together in the small house begins :3

xxxxx - r e v e r s e - xxxxx

- Masamune was actually one of the 4 guardian gods handpicked by Hisahide to serve under Yoshiteru and protect the world, along with Yukimura, Ieyasu, and Mitsunari.

During a war between the gods hundreds of years ago, Masamune and his vassal Kojuro died protecting Ieyasu when they were fighting together, and lost all their powers in the process. As a result, they were reincarnated repetitively as humans to let them slowly regain their powers.

Now that the time is near, Yoshiteru wanted to send someone down to pick them up when they’re ready. Since Ieyasu felt responsible for what happened to them, he insisted that he should be the one to go.

- His powers awakening, it would be easy for enemy entities and yokai to spot Masamune as well, wanting to devour him for energy. So Ieyasu’s job is also to prevent any attacks on him from happening.

- Ieyasu would normally stay in his tanuki form and watch over Masamune and Kojuro that way. They wouldn’t believe him anyway if he tells them everything before they’re ready <x’D
He spends his days protecting them and his nights chasing their nightmares away UvU

- Hisahide would come down to check on them every once in awhile, appearing as either a cat, owl or spider.

- [awesomely steps into BL territory. *is shot* Turn back now >u>;;;]
Back at home, Yasu had a ring and a wedding dress that was never worn. Masamune had promised to take care of it once the war ended, but apparently, he never made it. So Yasu had been waiting for hundreds of years for him to come back >u>
But of course, after getting killed, Masamune had completely no memory of him or anything that happened between them =u=;;

- Small!Katsuie is also waiting at home with the rest of Masamune’s dragon legion :D
- Mitsunari and Yukimura are married. Adopted apprentice small!Sakon there constantly bugging Yoshitsugu :p


More cat!Hisahide because my head somehow spun out a whole AU =u=;; [Takechiyo drew some super cute cat!Hisahide btw XDD]
I like putting Yasu with Yoshiteru together sometimes because he’s the next shogun after the Ashikaga Shogunate ended ^^,,

Warning: Ignored lots of things. Completely an AU with no relation to real history whatsoever. Totally random! <x'DD

World: The Shogun rules the land and keeps the peace with the help of the Shogunate. Nearing the end of their rule, the current Shogun will appoint their heir (the most fitting person for the sake of efficiency, not necessarily a blood relative.)

Yoshiteru: The current Shogun, feared for his power and shrouded in mystery. The people look up to him as their ruler. Took Ieyasu in as his apprentice and trained him while trying to help Hisahide on the side.
Hisahide: Actually a person, but was somehow cursed and turned into a cat. Only Yoshiteru knew of his true identity. Currently staying with Yoshiteru until they find a way to turn him back. To return the favor, Hisahide watches out for Ieyasu.

Ieyasu: Yoshiteru’s newly recruited apprentice, who was to be made the next Shogun. Still inexperienced and had no clue why Yoshiteru would pick him over his seniors Nobunaga and Hideyoshi. Sometimes feels anxious about whether or not he would be able to match up to Yoshiteru and fulfill his expectations.

<< winter, snow >>

- Story starts when Yoshiteru suddenly went missing while investigating Hisahide’s curse. All before he passed his rule to Ieyasu.

As a result, the Shogun seat was left empty. People, especially those who are unsatisfied with his choice of appointing Ieyasu as his heir, saw this as a chance to seize the rule of the country. The peaceful land was suddenly thrown into a whole lawless chaos where the strong had all the rights.

- Ieyasu was forced to leave his city as various people tried to assassinate him to end the previous line of rulers. He discovered for the first time that the house’s cat Hisahide could talk. Hisahide reintroduced himself and said that he would come with him to look for Yoshiteru. So they set out together to get him back and end the chaos.

- Still part of returning his favor to Yoshiteru, Hisahide looked after Ieyasu throughout the journey and taught him things.

- Later, Hisahide began to realize that he was slowly losing his memories and was in danger of completely turning into a cat. Ieyasu got rid of his fears and indecision, swearing that he would set everything back in order as someone whom Yoshiteru had trusted to be the next Shogun.

here, have some art?
the idea wildly mutated in the process, but just just for the record I do think Nee-sama’d sell that manchild’s ass for a suitable price without a second thought
then, after she’d be done laughing at how clueless he is of the whole situation, she’d just send Nagamasa to the rescue

Quick soiled art again. >///>;; Yoshi-kou for SenBasa4 Sumeragi. (*´▽`*)

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