More cat!Hisahide because my head somehow spun out a whole AU =u=;; [Takechiyo drew some super cute cat!Hisahide btw XDD]
I like putting Yasu with Yoshiteru together sometimes because he’s the next shogun after the Ashikaga Shogunate ended ^^,,

Warning: Ignored lots of things. Completely an AU with no relation to real history whatsoever. Totally random! <x'DD

World: The Shogun rules the land and keeps the peace with the help of the Shogunate. Nearing the end of their rule, the current Shogun will appoint their heir (the most fitting person for the sake of efficiency, not necessarily a blood relative.)

Yoshiteru: The current Shogun, feared for his power and shrouded in mystery. The people look up to him as their ruler. Took Ieyasu in as his apprentice and trained him while trying to help Hisahide on the side.
Hisahide: Actually a person, but was somehow cursed and turned into a cat. Only Yoshiteru knew of his true identity. Currently staying with Yoshiteru until they find a way to turn him back. To return the favor, Hisahide watches out for Ieyasu.

Ieyasu: Yoshiteru’s newly recruited apprentice, who was to be made the next Shogun. Still inexperienced and had no clue why Yoshiteru would pick him over his seniors Nobunaga and Hideyoshi. Sometimes feels anxious about whether or not he would be able to match up to Yoshiteru and fulfill his expectations.

<< winter, snow >>

- Story starts when Yoshiteru suddenly went missing while investigating Hisahide’s curse. All before he passed his rule to Ieyasu.

As a result, the Shogun seat was left empty. People, especially those who are unsatisfied with his choice of appointing Ieyasu as his heir, saw this as a chance to seize the rule of the country. The peaceful land was suddenly thrown into a whole lawless chaos where the strong had all the rights.

- Ieyasu was forced to leave his city as various people tried to assassinate him to end the previous line of rulers. He discovered for the first time that the house’s cat Hisahide could talk. Hisahide reintroduced himself and said that he would come with him to look for Yoshiteru. So they set out together to get him back and end the chaos.

- Still part of returning his favor to Yoshiteru, Hisahide looked after Ieyasu throughout the journey and taught him things.

- Later, Hisahide began to realize that he was slowly losing his memories and was in danger of completely turning into a cat. Ieyasu got rid of his fears and indecision, swearing that he would set everything back in order as someone whom Yoshiteru had trusted to be the next Shogun.

Quick soiled art again. >///>;; Yoshi-kou for SenBasa4 Sumeragi. (*´▽`*)

[ Edit: Thanks to nii-san for quickly telling me that I’ve forgotten his mustache the first time I posted this. x’D Yoshi-kou got a little younger at that moment. Ahaha. >u>;; Tell me no one else saw that. ///A///;;;]


All too often Yoshiteru acts like a child,
but sometimes he is quite cruel (´・ ω・`) (in no offense)

Yoshiteru considers that It is common for people to give up and lose all when they fail, but Masamune think that people who failed still have chance to challenge again… so I wonder if their contrary opinions make them treat Katsuie differently.

In Katsuie’s anime route, Katsuie ended up going to Yoshiteru’s stage and was killed. (It’s also Katsuie’s wish though. In this route Katsuie killed Oichi on impulse, he was more disappointed than in other routes) In Katsuie’s DRAMA route, Masamune made Katsuie brace up to face Nobunaga again.

It’s interesting to imagine they did it due to different opinion XDD