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So, @5sos, I was wondering if you ever realize how talented and awesome Ashton is? Like 

He can play drums

(And the cajun)

The piano

The guitar

And the sax (yes I went there)

He can also sing:

He’s always trying to put us up when we’re down:

Sometimes, he is us:

He’s actually his siblings father figure:

He’s amazing sweet to the fans:

He wears glasses (and looks awesome, may I add)


Selfie king:

Nature Lover:

Aesthetic provider:


Yeah, he’s just an overall awesome person!! BYE

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About the whole 'its okay to have problematic faves as long as you recognise their mistakes and the fact that their past doesn't excuse their actions' thing, I saw a post defending Ashfur the other day - claiming that it's all Squirrel's fault for 'leading him on', 'cause Ash is a sweet innocent bab'. The person also referred to him as "Ashy-Baby", & I really wanted to scream.


the signs as people i’ve dated

Gemini & Virgo: I loved the way he laughed and would always make the best plans and go on the best adventures. Even with all the negative thoughts rushing through his head, his smile would never fade. He knew what he wanted, and knew how to get it. Whenever you brought up something he was passionate about his eyes would light up. He didn’t like to show it but he really did care about his friends, he cared about everyone, just not himself.

Sagittarius & Leo: His ashy blonde hair and baby blue eyes drew anybody in. He never stopped laughing and always had something funny to say. One of the most determined people i’ve ever met, doesn’t matter how good or bad at something, he’d still continue on with it. In his vulnerable moments you could tell that all he ever wanted was love, but that’s hard to find.

Pisces & Scorpio: She was a mystery, he eyes twinkled in the light, and she rarely had a smile on her lips. She reminded me of the first snow of winter, crisp, pretty & what everybody had been waiting for. She was a breath of fresh air in the world full of pollution. Nobody ever really knew what was going on inside her head, nobody knew much about her at all, but whatever it was, I know it was beautiful.

Aries & Taurus: He had the most frightening look, like daggers in his eyes. He put a dagger in my heart. Whenever he walked into a room, everyone would immediately turn to him. His smirk instantly made people fall in love, and his embrace was enough to make anyone melt. Nobody really knew this, but he was scared so he put on a dick attitude.

Libra & Capricorn: Counting the freckles on his face was my favourite pastime, The freckles and the blue of his eyes reminded me of galaxy, whenever i looked at him i felt very far away from reality. He sucked me into his black hole of love and wouldn’t let me escape. Grabbing my hand and taking me to all sorts of new adventures, I thought he was the one, but maybe he was just one adventure that needed to end.

Cancer & Aquarius: She never stopped smiling, she radiated joy, whenever she walked into a room everyone instantly smiled. As her soft fragile lips spoke my name I felt butterflies. She liked a lot of people, and a lot of people liked her, but that’s life I suppose.

UP10TION Updated Hair Style

Jinhoo: Black

Sunyoul: Blonde

Xiao: Neon/ Baby Pink

Kuhn: Ashy Grey

Bit-to: Dark Blue

Kogyeol: Dark Brown

Wooshin: Red

Gyujin: Light Brown

Hwanhee: Light Brown

Wei: Black

the one with the girl both luke and ashton love; eight years later

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part one

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if you have any more questions about these 2 posts after reading this feel free to drop them in my ask and ill happily answer them

“Daddy, when are we going to see the new baby? Is it Mummy’s baby?” Our daughter, Holly, whined as we walked down the long corridors of the hospital, looking for the right room. 

“No, Hol, look Mummy still has her baby in her tummy,” Luke grinned, pointing to your swollen belly. “It’s Ashton’s baby.”

“Daddy, you’re being silly. It’s not Ashy’s baby, it’s Violet’s baby!” Holly giggled.

“Honey, it’s Ashton’s baby too. Just like your my baby and your Daddy’s baby, we share you,” you explained, brushing some hair from her face. It was hard for a four year old to understand who’s baby was who’s but you tried to explain it to her the best way you could.

“Oh okay,” she nodded. “Mummy, can you carry me?”

“I cant, my big belly is in the way but we’re nearly here,” you said.

“Do you want to get up on my shoulders, baby?” Luke said. Holly grinned and nodded excitedly. Luke picked her up easily and plopping her down on his shoulders.

“I’m the tallest girl in the world!” She giggled. You turned the corner where Michael and Calum were sitting on a couple plastic chairs. Holly gasped when she spotted Michael and Calum.

“Daddy! Look there’s Mikey and Cally! Let me down!” She squealed with delight, running over, jumping straight in to Michael’s lap and placing a wet kiss on his cheek.

“Hey Hol!” Michael grinned, hugging her. “Are you excited to see the new baby?”

“Yeah! But I like my mummy’s baby better but you cant tell Ashy because then he’ll be sad,” she said.

“Do I not get any kisses?” Calum pouted. Holly climbed across on to Calum’s lap and kissed both of his cheeks.

“You got two because I forgot about you,” she smiled, holding up two fingers.

“I’m just so lucky, aren’t I? Do you want to go look at the fish tank?” Calum asked.

“Yeah!” She nodded and Calum set her on his hip and walked down the corridor.

“How’s Vi and Ash doing?” Luke asked.

“I think Violet’s doing better than Ashton is. He’s totally shitting himself,” Michael chuckled.

It had been about 8 years since yours and Luke’s wedding. Things were rough at first with Ashton, Luke and you but you worked through it. It was easier for Ashton to get over his feelings for you now that they were out in the open and he could talk about them with his friends and family. About a year after the wedding Ashton met Violet and they clicked immediately. Ashton was so happy with her and you were happy that he found someone who returned his feelings.

You and Luke were still going strong. Your daughter, Holly, was now 5 and you had another one on the way. Sometimes it was hard when Luke went away but it was worth it because the good days always outweighed the bad days. The band had settled down now, not touring as often and such because all the boys wanted to settle down but there was still times when they had to go away for a couple of weeks.

Holly was the first baby of the group. Ashton’s baby will be the second followed by yours and Luke’s and then Calum announced last week that him and his soon-to-be wife would be having a baby about 4 months before their wedding. Michael was going out with a girl for a solid 7 years and still hasn’t popped the question but something tells you that it wont be long until it happens.

“He shouldn’t be worrying. He’s going to be a good dad,” Luke said.

“Do you think they’ll mind if I go in? Like Violet’s not in the middle of childbirth is she?” You said.

“Nope, you should be good,” Michael said. You stood up and gently knocked on the door before opening it slightly and peeking your head around.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me coming in. I thought I might be a bit better than Ash at calming you considering I’ve been through childbirth,” you grinned.

“Yeah, no problem, come in,” Violet smiled. Ashton stood up from the chair to let you sit down.

“Thanks, it’s hard being on my feet now. My ankles and back get sore,” you said, grateful you had the chance to sit down. “So are you nervous?”

“Yeah, I’m shitting myself,” Ashton piped in.

“I was asking Vi, Ash,” you laughed, rolling your eyes.

“Honey, why don’t you go out and talk to the boys for a couple minutes?” Violet said.

“But what if you, like, give birth when I’m out there?” Ashton pouted.

“Believe me, you’ll hear her! Holly is out there with Calum, she’ll be excited to see you. Go on, I’ll take care of Violet,” you smiled.

“Okay, just shout if you need me. I love you, babe,” Ashton said.

“Love you too,” she replied and Ashton slipped out the door.

“He’s so scared, isn’t he?” You chuckled.

“Yeah, he’s terrified, more so than me, I think. He’s barely left the room all day, only like to pee and stuff and he’s only done that about twice but I know he means well,” Violet smiled at the thought of her wonderful boyfriend.

“Yeah, Luke was the same with me. He was terrified to hold her because she was so tiny but he was a natural. Hopefully he’s more laidback with this one,” you laughed, rubbing your bump gently. “We’ve got ourselves some good guys though.”

“Yeah, we really do. As much as I’ve been complaining and giving out to Ash in these last nine months he’s been really great. You’ve been great too, thanks so much. It was nice to have a friend who knew what they were doing to help me out,” Violet smiled.

“Well, I wouldn’t say I knew what I was doing but you’re welcome. It was great to be pregnant with you,” you said. “I better go before Ashton comes in and pulls me out by my ponytail. Good luck, I’ll be outside if you need anything.”

You hoisted yourself and your 34-week bump off the chair and walked to the door.

“You can have your girlfriend back, Ash. The girl talk is over,” you laughed.

You took a seat beside Luke and he kissed your cheek. “Did you have fun with Vi?”

“Yeah, we had a nice chat but I wouldn’t say she had much fun considering she’s about to give birth. Holly’s not back yet?” You said.

“No, Michael’s gone to ask her does she want to go out and get some dinner with him,” Luke said, just as Holly came running down the corridor.

“Mummy, can I go to McDonalds with Mikey?” She begged. “Please, please.”

“Only if I can come,” you grinned, finding yourself suddenly craving some fries.

“Yeah, of course,” Michael nodded.

You smiled at the thought of everyone together. Things had been rough but at the end of it all when the people who mattered most to you were here together, it didn’t really matter about the bad things. It didn’t matter about those nights alone when they were fewer than the nights with the ones you loved. It didn’t matter about the days of sadness when there was more days full of smiles, laughter and pure happiness than there was stars in the sky. What mattered was that you were loved and you loved others. Sometimes we don’t love the right people or sometimes the people we love don’t love us back but we will all eventually find someone who loves us right and who loves us like nothing they’ve ever loved before. In the end love will always win.

okay so this is super short and stupid but a lot of people were asking for something after my last post so this is just like to show that ashton has a happy ending and luke and (y/n) have a happy ending and calum has a happy ending and Michael has a happy ending and everyone has a happy ending. some people were asking for me to do like a sad ending too but I think i’ll leave it here bc I decided that ashton and luke and (y/n) have already had enough drama and heartache and they all deserve to be happy so yeah