ashie baby

sisters that go through traumatizing shit together stay together

Okay, I’m officially on the Jashi ship. They are going to kick ass as an amazing duo, cuddle in the woods, hang out with the white wolf, kill Aku, and settle down and have lots of beautiful warrior babies who will have the Scotsman’s daughters as their godmothers!

Alternatively, Ashi goes back to the past with Jack (since I’m sure the multiverse/multiple timelines theory applies here, allowing Ashi and the others to exist even if Aku is killed in the past). Jack’s parents immediately love her. She gets to watch fireworks, chase grasshoppers, and be a literal princess! Imagine Jack being super excited/nervous when he first introduces her to his parents! Imagine him being incapable of speaking during their wedding when he sees Ashi dressed as a bride!

Imagine them being happy together and never having to suffer again! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!