“When I was in Japan. standing infront of a door. with a hat on. it was cold. Japan was cold not the hat.” 

                                                                                    - michael g. clifford


i got free lipstick at sephora what did you do with your day!?

That awkward moment when you look sick but you’re just cold

Hi ok I seriously have no idea how to start this off and please ignore this shitty edit. Me and Martina have made this blog almost an year and now and we would just like to say thank you to all you amazing people because you’re always making our dash a better place with your beautiful posts and pretty blogs. You all have amazing personalities and even though, I don’t talk to most of you because you’re so cool and I’m a loser. I’m so happy to be following you and that we’re in a mutual (or not). I have also made some great friends on here, you know who you are :) I was going to bold my fave blogs but honestly, you’re all my faves. Thank you and we love you all so much ♥


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Well, this is my first follow forever and I tried to include every single blog I love and every wonderful person I admire from afar too but if I follow you and you’re not here don’t worry, you can be damn sure I love your blog anyway! Once again, thank you to everybody. And a special thank you to all our followers too, we love each and every one of you for following us ♥

He is.

He is the first ray of sunlight over the horizon; that tiny little sliver of brightness that breaks through the dark of night. He is the calm stillness of the morning; the crispness in the morning air that makes you want to take an extra deep breath, just to memorize the way it tastes. He is the gentle wind of an awakening world; caressing you oh so softly and giving you the best kind of goosebumps. He is the silence before the world awakes; patiently waiting for you; and as you find yourself tasting the air and being caressed by the wind, his light continues to grow, casting away the darkness around you, warming you with his smile, banishing the darkness inside you.

He is the dark stormy night; temperamental and quiet all at the same time. He is the heavy layer of billowing clouds overhead; the tension in the air as the storm approaches. He is the stillness of the night; a stillness that’s sporadically and suddenly broken. He is flashes of lightning and claps of thunder; the silence in between only drowned out by the pitter-patter of falling rain. He is the quiet unrest of a turbulent sky; the heavy downpour that soaks you to the bone; and if you leave the comfort of your house, the comfort of yourself, you will find that you will never feel more alive than when you allowed him onto your skin as a faint rumble sounded in the distance.

He is the silence of a starry night; full of twinkling little lights and completely devoid of clouds. He is a myriad of suns; their light gentle enough that they won’t blind you if you look for too long. He is an array of colors and sizes peering down on you from light years away; yet every single bit feels close enough for you to touch. He is mesmerizing in his quiet beauty; every once in a while surprising you with a shooting star; and as you gaze into the never ending abyss of the perfect mixture of darkness and light, he will drape you in his silent serenity, cloaking you in the true meaning of peacefulness.

He is the beauty of a galaxy; vast and colorful and at times overwhelming. He is constantly changing; one variation of him leaving you more breathless than the last. He is expanding, evolving; and you might not be able to ever fully explore every piece of him. He is astounding in his beauty; dazzling colors and something new every time you turn around. He is intricate and complicated; sometimes too immense for you to fully grasp; but if you take your time and have a little patience, he will take you places that not even your wildest dreams can compare to; places of untouched magnificence that will leave you speechless; places unseen by anyone other than yourself.