asheville weekend


Princess Sparklefists is done! I’m so pleased with how she turned out. 

This is the cosplay I started planning right after I started reading Captain Marvel, when I was too excited to sit still and had to go to the fabric store right nowI’m still pretty much that excited about her.

I’ll be wearing this at NDK in Denver tomorrow, and hopefully at the Asheville Comics Expo next weekend if I can make it up there.


I’ve known Danny, pictured with hats, for 8 years and Charly, the strawberry blonde, for about 4 years. We spent a long weekend in Asheville, North Carolina where we gladly welcomed the cool rain and thick fog. The Blueridge Parkway and its trails offered a great opportunity to pose with nature. Charly has a great eye and contributed to some photos.

Though I don’t see these guys often, it’s great that we pick up where we left off. Friends who travel together are friends forever.


Here’s the video of my PR 330lb/150kg back squat!

I was visiting friends in Asheville this weekend :)