asheville area

Well y'all, this is my 1977 Volkswagen Bus Riviera with camper interior. (This picture was taken almost a year ago when I finally got the bus)
I’m planning on moving into it and picking up roots here in Oklahoma and heading out to North Carolina (Boone\Asheville area.
I’m attaching a solar panel to the top to provide electricity so I won’t have to pay for a campsite all the time.
-I am working now till around December, maybe sooner depending on how much money I save up between now and then.
-I have two friends that will be living out there as well for support if I need it.
••• I have calculated money for food, gas, vehicle expenses, campground expenses and other miscellaneous

I was seeing if y'all who have lived out of your van/bus would offer some advice and tips to me. I have not done this before and am probably looking over many things.

Thanks in advance :)

The girl is my lovely sister, Kirsten. The place is Black Balsam Knob, one of my favorite places on earth. It’s just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, about an hour’s drive southwest of Asheville, North Carolina. The area suffered intense logging and fires in the 1930’s, and may never regrow, since the fires burned deep into the soil. The result is one of the most fantastic panoramic views in all of the Appalachian Mountains.