lil life update

hi!!!! so me and jess have just been approved for an apartment in asheville, which means that we’re actually able to move!!!! the problem is that it took us a lot longer to find a place/get approved than we thought it would, so we only have a lil less than 2 weeks to be fully moved before jess’ start date of their new job. BUT we’re getting stuff done and we’re gonna make it!!!! send us yr motivating thoughts and i hope you’re all doing okay too

also if u wanna see more life updates from me more often, my personal is sleepyfemme and my insta is venusinfaux



THU JUL 21 - 8:00 AM

36 Montford Avenue

Black Asheville Matters! Rally & Action for Black Lives & #Justice4Jerry

When you look at the State of Black of Asheville and the killing of Jerry Williams it appears that the City of Asheville cares more about tourism than racial justice. So we stand with the National Movement for Black Lives and more than 30 cities across the country demanding that the nation’s police departments take responsibility for the over-policing of Black neighborhoods, excessive use of force against Black Children, women and men, the criminalization of Black bodies, and the death of Black citizens, people of color and Indigenous people. We demand justice for Jerry Williams.

We Want:
A future where Black people, indigenous people, people of color and all people are free from violence and oppression, and free to be themselves and enjoy the same access to justice, dignity and respect that we have.

Headfirst! Records is happy to announce that we will be releasing the new full length for Autarch via cassette this month and hopefully later this fall on vinyl with some other labels involvement. the record is finished recording and the final mixing/mastering is being done, and will have the release posted digitally online within the next two weeks or so, as well as the tapes ready in time for their upcoming tour April 26th - May 8th.

atmospheric/melodic neo-crust punk from the mountains of Asheville, NC. the full length followup to their debut EP released via Audiosiege Media (give it a listen here:

more info on the release and music soon!

Way upon the mountains🏔 Last week I thought about taking myself on a spontaneous trip to adventure and explore and soothe my soul a bit. I worked my ass off on the weekend and got up this past Monday and set out to Asheville, North Carolina. A trip I thought was going to just be a little getaway, or “escape form reality”, turned into an intense journey full of self discovery and little realizations, much of which had to do with nature and people and this true oneness of all things. I was happy every moment of this trip- from the feeling of curiosity and anticipation on the drive up, to groovy vibrations I felt on the intentionally long drive through mountains back to Georgia. I hiked up 2480 feet when I visited Chimney Rock and felt like I was in a dream world as I overlooked endless mountains and trees sculpted out of this brilliant planet. The wind was strong and the rain so cleansing making the hot earth steam and smile with a rainbow. I could honestly go on and on about this trip. Many moments turned this into a spiritual experience. I’m forever grateful for the stress and fears that it broke down and strength and courage it brought up. It brought so much purpose and motivation and creativity back into my heart. Nature heals, nature heals my friend. Also, I went on this trip alone and seeking solitude and ended up absolutely adoring every human I encountered there. There was an exchange of love and inspiration with almost everyone I met. I feel that these kinds of decisions or “risks” in life are so important. No body should ever be afraid to go places they’ve never been or certainly never be afraid to be alone. It’s taking care of yourself and a boost of self love.
I’ll see you soon North Carolina, you have my heart. (November hurry up)
Wake up and live ✌️ #wakeupandlive #asheville #northcarolina #chimneyrock #explore #travel #nature #dreadlockjourney #happiness
(at Chimney Rock State Park)

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camping weekend in asheville // july 1-4

i spent the first few days of my r&r week camping with two of my closest girlfriends [+ riley!]. we packed in a lot of adventure, but since together we’re not ones to keep any kind of schedule, it still felt leisurely. our campsite was on the river near west asheville, convenient for everything we wanted to do. we spent an afternoon floating down the french broad river [riley’s first time + after a rocky start, she loved it!], hiked to + up catawba falls, and spent the evenings laying out looking at the stars before bed. we enjoyed “urban” activities too, eating/drinking/hanging out at the vault, moto vicious, sunny point cafe, the bywater, asheville brewing company, vortex donuts, and meeting up with katie for breakfast at taco billy’s + brews at new belgium’s new tasting room. living outside for a few days + spending time with some of my favorite souls left my heart very full.