After a year’s absence, Petyr Baelish Week is back at FuckYeahBaelish! Our favorite schemer may have taken his final bow on HBO’s hit series but we still have plenty of footage from seasons past and a new ASOIAF novel on the horizon (c’mon GRRM!). From October 2nd — 8th there will be seven days of prompts and themes to encourage all types of fanworks about Petyr Baelish: graphics, gifs, art, videos, fan fiction, and meta are all welcome! The only rule this week is golden, so please be respectful towards the work and opinions of others ♥ The schedule is as follows:

Monday, October 2nd: Favorite Book/Season OR Players and Pieces
Tuesday, October 3rd: Costume Porn OR King of the Ashes
Wednesday, October 4th: Favorite Quote OR Pre-ASOIAF
Thursday, October 5th: One Relationship OR Ambition
Friday, October 6th: One Scene OR Mockingbird
Saturday, October 7th: Petyr Baelish + Color(s) OR The Winds of Winter
Sunday, October 8th: Free Day!

You can participate in as many or as few of the prompts as you would like! There are two prompts for each day to try and accommodate as many types of fanworks as possible. You do not have to incorporate both (unless you want to!). We will be tracking both #keepshady2017 and #fuckyeahbaelish, so please be sure to include one of those in your first five tags if you would like your creations reblogged. We look forward to seeing everyone’s great work in October!

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