I Just noticed that i haven’t posted any pics of my Jolyne’s cosplay v.2

Oh well

Jolyne Kujo: @aquaokumura

Foo Fighters: @ashesandrainbows

Weather Report: @dafuqdidusayboutmyhair

Ph. Samuele Piras

(p.s. before asking: Jolyne’s wig was made by @ashesandrainbows )


Eridan Ampora

Dave Strider

Militarystuck AU

There’s no need to be a couple, for cosplay with your boyfriend.

Sometimes you can do something that you like.

…or something that HE likes.

Or maybe one doesn’t want to be anyone

But that doesn’t mean that he don’t like what you’re doing, and he doesn’t want to help you anyway.

And just remember that just because you’re not cosplaying a couple, you don’t have to forgot how to be a couple.

…and forgot that you have friends, too.

So, just stop blaming who you love just because he doesn’t want to cosplay your otp, and remember who you are. You’re not a character, you’re just yourself, and you don’t need cosplay to have a great relationship. You have to be yourself.

(Thanks Coky)

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Just a preview <3

Actualhomosexualcastiel as Aradiasprite

C0ky as Erisolsprite

Ashesandrainbows as Fefetasprite 

DIT: More pics about Fefetasprite

More about Aradiasprite!

More about Erisolsprite!

How does Rainbow Ash do her makeup for Nepeta?

First of all: I have to say that I don’t like when people make the W shape in their mouth cosplaying Leijons. That mouth-shape is an expression line, not because of the mouth but because of expression, and you don’t have to put a central, vertical line because it looks like a harelip. Leijons are not half-cat, they may act like a cat but they’re not half cat as the seadwellers are half-fish. You have to work for a good expression.

So, let’s start.
All you need is: a light grey body paint, green eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner. (I didn’t have a black-lipstick. Eyeliner is good too, but it’s better to  use a lipstick because is more confortable and you can lick your lips.)

I like Snazaroo the most, you have to use a brush or a sponge. If it needs, after you cover all your face with paint, dry it with a hairdryer and put more paint (sometimes, you can see ugly skin-toned lines. Just cover it again). If you can, don’t wear a shirt when you’re soing makeup.

Remember that trolls have blood on different colours. So, they’ll have that colour, too, in their skin. my headcanon about Nepeta is with freckles, so it will look good if you put green under it. And under her eyes too, she got shadows. (sorry for the terrible photo)

In the end, clear your eyelashes, give a cat eye shape with eyeliner, and define your lips. If you have black lipstick use it after. And freckles. I love freckles. Remember to make your eyebrows black.

In the end, pur your shirt and your wig on. And try to think like Nepeta, it will be the best thing to do :33

Hope you liked it!

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