ashes everywhere

  • Fire - sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine a small flame spreading from the inside of you. It can start anywhere you’d like, the center of your stomach, your head, your palms, your legs, anywhere that feels comfortable. This is not a fire that destroys and burns, this is a pleasant fire that makes you feel loved and warm. Once you’ve set yourself on fire, once you’ve felt the flame all around and inside your body, slowly let it spread on the inside of your house. This can be done with a slow small flame, or a violent huge one. Just let everything burn, imagine the fires cleansing properties burning away all the nastiness inside your house. Imagine ashes flying everywhere, and all the negativity burning away into nothingness once it’s been touched by the flames.
  • Water - sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine yourself as a fluid body. See and feel the cool refreshing touch of water on your body. Feel the fluidity inside yourself. Then imagine huge water, huge waves, flooding your house, pushing everything it comes in contact with. Let it mess up your house. See this water, running from one door to another, flooding everything, and destroying everything just like a tsunami would. Imagine this pure, clean and clear water gathering all the negativity in itself, taking it away with her. When you’re done, imagine one window or more, or a door open in your house and let the water go away.
  • Earth -  sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine huge roots bursting through your floor, intertwining all around your body. Once they’ve intertwined imagine them giving birth to flowers while all around you. Imagine these intertwined roots going all around the walls, the windows, your mirrors, your table, your bed. Imagine beautiful moist soil pouring out of the holes left by the roots. Imagine this soil filling up your house, gathering in itself all that is no longer needed and negative. Imagine transforming that negativity into something beautiful. Imagine the poisonous bad energies transforming into love and light inside the earth. Once they’ve transformed imagine this earth giving birth to more beautiful light green roots, leaves, and the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen. Let your whole house fill up with these beautiful flowers and roots, replenishing everything in your house. Feel the flowery scent all around you. When you’re done imagine all these roots and earth slowly going back into the whole where they came from, leaving everything intact but cleansed and fresh.
  • Air -  sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine violent winds forcing their way in your house through the window. Imagine these winds entering and bursting through like a hurricane through your house. Even though they are violent, they are here to help and leave everything in a better place.They’re coming straight for you. They start whirling around you, you can feel it’s pleasant coolness on your skin. You can hear the sounds of the wind. They are so strong, yet so caring and pleasant. As they whirl harder and stronger around you, they lift you up in the air, whirling even harder than before. Now, imagine them turning to the rest of your house. Imagine them leaving a mess wherever they touch. All of your notebooks are in the air, your tarot cards are flying everywhere, your clothes go all around the place, your crystals fly from one wall to another. Let these fresh and cool winds clean your place. Once you’re done, imagine these winds leaving through the window they came from.
i’m that love that you regret
summers later at 7 pm you can be heard saying
“we were a love turned sour.”
because i’ve left a taste in your mouth
like mildew and cobwebs
from how my touch turned warm to scalding.
it’s not my fault you see,
i leave tracks of ashes everywhere i go.
burn marks mar my skin
and i can’t trust myself to love again.
—  Ashes to Ashes, A.U.
Unpopular Opinion

Pokemon Black and White (anime) wasn’t terrible. Dento and Iris were kinda annoying buuuut I personally felt that way about most of Satoshi’s companions (up until Sun and Moon).

They tried a lot of new things like adding a larger plot/arc and tried making Team Rocket serious to name a couple. While I know most people weren’t a fan of serious Team Rocket, I was kinda into it. I feel like I got insight into how they were before having to follow Ash everywhere haha. I am glad they’re back to normal though haha.

I just appreciate the fact that they tried something new for BW and then learned what worked and what didn’t to make XY super successful.

It felt like any other season to me. They just attempted to make it a little more serious and it fell through.

{drabble} Twenty - Three

Belated birthday angst for my bandage husband whoops

[ Characters: Dazai ] [ drabble ] [ word count :765 ] [ Genre: Angst ]

             Yokohama’s darkest shadows follow him everywhere. Blackened ash clawing their way to his bones leaving an irreversible mark set out to isolate him from humanity. Dazai used to laugh at their presence, but where there once was apathy now lay a barren wasteland of fury. If this fire goes out there will be nothing under his hollowed heart; but he will never accept weakness so cliché. Detachment used to cradle him like a feeble child waiting for the world to collapse in on him, but now Dazai scrapes at a funneling light growing further and further away from his scarred fingertips. Dazai assures him with each morning the sun cracks open the skyline in brilliant gold that he’ll continue pursuing a dream lost to a hundred thoughts of suicide and exhaustion.

               Mirroring happiness is the only way to keep himself together, Dazai reasons, but at one point or another all mirrors shatter. Through accident or purposeful swings they become a hundred pieces of twinkling glass ground into the dirt. Dazai searches through bottles and bottles of alcohol for a way to reconnect with his continual veil of enchanting bliss, but eventually he falls victim to the numbing sensation buzzing in his head. How did he end up here? Blurred vision tilts the street but there is a looming dread of familiarity he can’t shake off. Something in the air reminds him of the day he turned seventeen. Gloomy clouds hued gunmetal grey covered the sky. Odasaku ignored his pessimistic jokes about suicide and the thunder and told him the sound of rainfall helped him sleep at night. The sake had tasted bitter compared to the cake and Dazai couldn’t stop telling Ango he missed his calling as a cake maker.

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Up in flames

John Shelby x reader

Request: #31 with John Shelby pleasee, dont stop doing imagines, i love them <3

Author’s note: Thank you for the idea behind this one @theaqueenakaspeedy I had so much fun writing it! ALSO got through all my requests now so keep them coming my requests are open!!! P.S sorry that there is 2 John fics in a row but I couldn’t resist posting this one tonight

You worked at a factory as a receptionist and it was your last day before going on a 3 day holiday over the weekend. Little did you know that it would be the last day you were here ever. You had no clue that your boyfriend and his crazy company were coming to blow the place up. He had tried to convince you to quit your job, promised you that he would get you more work. But you refused, even though he did say your boss had bad business with the blinders you ignored him and carried on. You stayed for two reasons. The first being you actually loved your job, going and working wasn’t a drag and then second is because you got to work alongside your best childhood friend clarissa as she was the other receptionist. “It won’t be the first time i’ve been in trouble with the peaky boys will it.” You explained to John moving into his personal space, smiling at him seductively with heat in your eyes. He accepted that he wasn’t going to win the argument and had given up trying to convince you otherwise even though he was still reluctant to let you go.

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i was going to let this stay in twitter but ٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶ ♥