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RIP Roger Moore, who acted along Jane in the popular TV series ‘The Saint’… twice!

Top) In Jane’s first “Saint” episode she portrayed Ellen Chase in “The Invisible Millionaire” which originally aired on February 13, 1963 in the UK. The Saint reads in a newspaper that wealthy businessman Marvin Chase was badly burnt in a car crash that killed his young assistant Bertram Tamblin. Nora Prescott, a friend of the Saint,works for Chase and is perplexed when he asks her to sell off some of his business interests. She approaches the Saint for his help but is murdered before she can explain further.The Saint assists the police investigating the murder and is surprised that Chase’s head and hands are always bandaged. Chase’s daughter Ellen confides in the Saint that there was something highly suspicious about the car crash and there is something very mysterious about the man her father has become.

Below) In “The Noble Sportman” Jane portrayed Rose Yearley the college student daughter of Lord Thornton Yearley, a sports loving wealthy businessman who suspects his much younger second wife of adultery. “The Noble Sportman” first aired on January 9, 1964.


All agents be advised: proceed with caution. Suspect is armed, desperate, extremely dangerous, and highly trained.

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