so i think about young adelaide shepard and how difficult it was for her to rid herself of the tenth street reds and how it took her so much longer to join the alliance than normal bc of them. i think about her going through alliance recruitment as she was transitioning and having to explain to the senior officers that, yes she is a woman, no she is not sebastian shepard despite what her papers say she is adelaide, and how she was often cast out from her fellow soldiers simply bc she was transitioning and the things she heard them say when they thought she wasn’t listening god she still remembers them (but at least they didn’t say them directly to her face right?) and she had to put on a strong face, an impassive facade despite wanting to cry each and every night. i think about addie meeting anderson and being a WRECK bc he is david anderson the reason she joined the alliance military and anderson sitting down to talk with her, out of her entire squad HER, to discuss her military future and her advancement in the alliance and the n7 program. i think about addie developing her skills and honing her abilities (biotic and otherwise) properly and learning to lead and trusting herself for the first time in a very very long time. i think about adelaide shepard receiving her recruitment letter for the n7 program and crying, but this time not from sadness but from joy, sweet and pure and happy.

i think about adelaide shepard a lot