Proof that our tap water is poisoned.

I just took my dog out for a walk, and then for a bit of a run and played fetch. She was exhausted and dehydrated, I gave her water from my purifier, she drank it non stop. She wanted more, then I filled her water bowl straight from the tap…. She REFUSES to drink it. (Of course I gave her purified water again)

Just to show that our tap water is poisonous… Even my dog knows.

Difference between religion and organized religion.

As a Christian (surprising, right?), I thought I’d share a little word about this.

Religion is a choice for many and a healthy way of life. It’s something special and individual to each person. Accepting other people’s beliefs. Their set of beliefs can change over time.

Organized religion is a way of controlling other people and having power. They all follow the same set of belief systems that cannot ever be changed. They view other beliefs outside of their own to be wrong.

Reblog if you follow a belief and are against organized religion and fundementalism.