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Le Chat devient…le chat?

i’ve been having a hard time drawing stuff lately due to time constraints and stress so i self indulged and drew chat noir as an actual cat. don’t know how it happened, but it was probably plagg’s fault—either it being an accident or totally (hilariously) on purpose because of lack of camembert

it was definitely on purpose

don’t worry though, it’s only temporary—it’ll probably last about an hour or two before adrien bribes plagg with enough cheese to turn him back to normal!

still callin him kitty noir

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finally posting the piece i did for the @mlcalendarproject!! You can download it here!

originally i had such a big piece planned that involved adrienette and djwifi valentines day shenanigans but…computer issues and time prevented that (let’s jut say i lost the piece about three times and had to make this one in about two days lol)

anyways!! i had fun with it!!!

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Those ML character style memes going around are so cute, I decided to start one with Plagg, since I figured I have a unique kwami style!

Have fun and tag me if you add on so I can see :D (And feel free to expand the canvas to make more room)

Thanks to @sweet-childhood-dreams for starting this meme with her adorable Chat Noir!


Tawnii, the caracal cat kwami!

It’s about damn time I made an OC for this fandom. This is Tawnii, a sassy, bread-loving little ball of energy and loud noises. When she’s not zipping around or jumping into the air chasing after birds much bigger than she is, she’s either taking long naps in the sunshine or complaining about the lack of carbs in the house.

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my piece for the @meowraculouschatnoirzine!!! ladybug is excitedly showering Chat Noir in compliments after he did some cute beautiful awesome tricks taking down an akuma

Chat is flattered and combusting with love on the inside

if anyone wants to write a small ficlet about this scene i would probably cry from joy

@officialmiraculousladybug​ thank you for the support!


@wintermoth and i have been asked what the difference is between kitti (a kwami character who will be featured in our collaboration called Chanceux) and tikki soooo moon planned out this little comparison sheet and i drew it

huzzah, the difference between two sweets-loving floofers

bonus: bonding over two silly kids ♥

A final preview of my piece for the wonderful @meowraculouschatnoirzine!! I’m so happy that I not only finished on time, but before the deadline!

Even though life has been hectic lately, this piece was fun to work on. Ladybug is super excited (and so am I)