ashe vernon

So maybe this time, love doesn’t kick down the door—
doesn’t rattle the windows or plant weeds in the flower garden.
Maybe you can’t smell the smoke because,
for once,
nothing is burning.
Maybe this love is all the things
those loves wanted to be when they grew up.
Maybe you spent all that time running
so that you’d know how to hang up your coat
when you were ready.
—  Ashe Vernon
More than anything, I’m grateful
that this new chapter of my life
is completely devoid of you. That you
don’t know anything about my new job, or
the new book I’m writing. That my room
looks nothing like it did the last time
you slept here.
That I’ve washed my sheets half a dozen times
since you touched them.
I’ve bought three new lamps, which means
my life is officially brighter
without you in it.
were the worst depressive spell I’ve had in years.
Less than two weeks after you’d gone,
my whole world was back
in color.
—  Ashe Vernon, “Moving On”