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Happy birthday :D I'm surprised that you're only 19. You look 19, but you seem to have wisdom beyond your years. I followed you after noticing that LostDollsClub reblogs a lot of quality content from you. Sometimes when you share your woes and tribulations I want to offer some avuncular reassurance that you're doing very, very well at life, but I suspect that, at twice your age, I've probably already learned more from you than I can offer in return... So I'll just say, keep up the great work! :D

Oh my God, thank you so much! This is a good birthday message and I’m totally counting it as a present :) In all seriousness, if you have something to say that would help me, please do say it :) I’m fairly happy with my life as it is, and there are only a few small things that I struggle with. But on the most part, I’m doing okay :) Or at least, I’m doing well enough at stumbling through and hoping for the best! 

Again, thank you so much, this has meant a lot :D x

‘69 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop - glowing after restoration from near destruction. It had been dropped or run over or both and crushed on both sides of the lower bout, with a large chunk missing between the control cavity and the edge. someone had tried to fix it by gluing a lump of firewood in there. I fixed it properly with real mahogany, replace the missing binding and refinished the damaged area to retain the look of 43 years worth of heavy use. The frets have also been replaced as the originals were almost completely worn out.

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Iceman of Darkness.

This one belongs to James Darkness of the Awesome Random Samick Experience. It started out as an Ibanez S520 neck and ended up with a thin sapele Iceman body finished in a satin lacquer black-burst, all inspired by the Blackmachine vibe that was so hot back in 2010. Those pickups are a DiMarzio D Activator-X and a Chopper mixed and matched with an Ibanez 2502 5-way switch. It gives not only the destruct-o-matic tones you’d expect from such a combination, but some remarkable clean, single coily tones thanks to the magic switch.


Radian JM - The infamous Tour JM, designed by committee via a series of polls at a while back. Here are the specs they decided upon:

Radian JM, korina body, maple neck, medium/tall frets, blaze red stain, Ash P90 bridge pickup, Ash J90 neck pickup, 4-way switch/Volume/Tone, hardtail bridge, 10/46 strings….

Available to the first serious offer this week, before I disappear to the UK for three weeks! have your people talk to my people ASAP!


James asked me for a 335 style instrument and this is what we came up with. It’s semi-hollow, just like a 335, but instead of being made of plywood, it’s made of solid mahogany, hollowed out, with a hand-carved, arched cedar top. Binding and surrounds are made of bright red padauk. The neck is mahogany/padauk and the fretboard is rosewood. Hardware is all Gotoh, but I can’t remember what the pickups are. Probably DiMarzio PAF Classics.


The flashbacks to 2010 continue! Here’s Zakk in all his switcheroony glory. Now resident in New South Wales and regular visitor to Youtube:

Chambered mahogany body with a carved maple top. Solid rosewood neck. Rio Grande humbuckers with series/single/parallel switching, phase, blower and 12-step tone selector. Graphtech Ghost Acoustiphonic piezo pickup saddles and preamp. This machine was built to find all the best tone options available and put them at the player’s fingertips.

One of my favourites builds of all time, designed and commissioned by one of my favourite customers.


Ash Taniwha - Incomplete, in progress.

I started building this guitar in 2004, but ten years later it is still not done. With luck and good management, 2014 will be the year of the Taniwha. As you can probably see there are a few missing pieces. Mainly the pickups, which will be wound for maximum tonal versatility, with the capacity foe series/split/parallel wiring and to separate the treble strings from the bass strings in the signal chain. The bridge will also be revised and have treble and bass piezo pickups. If you think this should be yours, message me at your convenience.