ashcustomworks  asked:

Happy birthday :D I'm surprised that you're only 19. You look 19, but you seem to have wisdom beyond your years. I followed you after noticing that LostDollsClub reblogs a lot of quality content from you. Sometimes when you share your woes and tribulations I want to offer some avuncular reassurance that you're doing very, very well at life, but I suspect that, at twice your age, I've probably already learned more from you than I can offer in return... So I'll just say, keep up the great work! :D

Oh my God, thank you so much! This is a good birthday message and I’m totally counting it as a present :) In all seriousness, if you have something to say that would help me, please do say it :) I’m fairly happy with my life as it is, and there are only a few small things that I struggle with. But on the most part, I’m doing okay :) Or at least, I’m doing well enough at stumbling through and hoping for the best! 

Again, thank you so much, this has meant a lot :D x