sketchyprincessartblog  asked:

Asher from monster boy <3

OOOOOOOOOOO!!! sketchy ur always on the good ones maN

  • 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod
  • the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep – where they’re not supposed to
    • definitely class, maybe at home in his room but like, on the floor or resting his head on a windowsill from getting exhausted at drawing
  • the game they’d destroy everyone else at
    • probably fuckin either smash bros or like he might be really kickass at speedrunning super mario brothers/various old games
  • the emoticon they’d use most often
    • hed fucking totally use the cryingface emoji for meme status. also probably the fuckin  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face
  • what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep
    • its either one of two things
      • really gentle n distracted, literally fallin asleep like a cat. probably the worst type of sleep deprivation because he remembers nothing of the entire damned day n feels like he wasted valuable drawing time/he has no idea how to do his homework
      • grumpy/grouchy at everything that isnt viola or toby. hed yell at a cockroach for being by his locker. probably just not a good idea to mess w him, probably feels p bitchy
  • their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.
    • this loser either prefers hot chocolate or coffee. might have a bit of a coffee addiction, but if not hes probably a cocoa/coffee boi
  • how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump
    • he eitherrr probably rests in bed n talks w viola n toby in group chats, might vent v slightly. might listen to music, make himself some hot chocolate/some typa sweet before laying in his bed again. tbhhhhh nexus might try to start shit to make it worse, but IF he was left alone, hed probably recover by the end of the day
  • what they wanted to be when they grew up
    • heeed probably wanna beee… a doctor. idk why in particular but im just seein lil five y.o asher bein starstruck at the idea of being able to save peoples lives
  • their favorite kind of weather
    • hed probably enjoy this as his faves-
      • cool, cloudy. breezy, n the air smells faintly of rain and spring. hed probably go to the park for a few hours just to enjoy himself. (also hed probably invite toby on a date-notdate What Are You Talking About)
      • loud, loud storms at night. laying his head in the windowsill n watching lightning crack through the sky, the smell of rain flooding his room and his lungs. just getting to witness the heavy rumbling of thunderstorms. tbh hes probably fuckin mesmerized and in love with thunderstorms
  • thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)
    • hes probably an alto boy n like, hed probably not sing very much in front of others n if you heard it it was a god damned honor. like hes probably uncharacteristically self conscious of his singing. itd be very soft, a little hesitant before rising to slightly louder but just as soft. pretty decent, n tbh its probably a voice that could comfort the shit outta ya. (and lets be real asher would probably sing lullabies if he wanted to calm someone down if appropriate. like to toby. I mean what)
  • how/what they like to draw or doodle
    • heeee probably draws original characters of his own, maybe scenery n hands because hands are fucking hard to draw. probably some anime characters, eyes all over his sketchbooks.