On Pointe contributor Krista Franks Brock, a Dallas-based editor and writer, is taking over today’s Just Brand It column, going behind the scenes of a brand that’s setting new standards for the city’s artists and creatives. 

From provocative images to posh portraits, great pictures are both intuitive and intriguing. And fashion photography is often most effective when it eschews haute couture, using style as the backdrop for story-telling instead.

Get to know the local lensman whose intelligent, innovative work turns models into living tales of mystery and imagination, because Brandon Lyon’s brand is an inspiration to watch.


Lyon spends a rare moment on the other side of the camera earlier this spring.



  • Fearless Leader: A Dallas-based photographer with an eye for alluring intrigue, Brandon Lyon’s portraits and fashion lineups draw viewers in with their visual narratives. “Not only do I want to capture beauty, but I look for something more,” Lyon writes. “Something more personal, subtle just beyond what is right in front of you.” 
  • From the Beginning: The city’s style-centric culture offers plenty of inspiration for Lyon, who founded his namesake photography business in the DFW metroplex and has since seen his work make its way around the world through various advertising agencies and fashion magazines. 

A peek inside Lyon’s portfolio reveals some seriously fabulous foodies. 


  • Social Status: How does Lyon turn his interactive media followers into fanatics? By creating constant engagement via Facebook, where he’s established a personal connection with his audience through posts that blur the lines between his sources of inspiration, photography, professional ambitions, press coverage, and partnerships. 
  • Honor Roll: From Texas-based publications like On Magazine, The Houston Chronicle, and Dapper to magazines including La Mode, Tantalum, and others, Lyon’s creative visions have earned regional and national media attention.


  • Star Power:  In addition to garnering lots of love from the press, the photographer’s images have represented some notable designers, including Dallas-based Abi Ferrin, Lucy Dang, and Ashard Richley. Lyon has also worked with Bleu Model Management, the Kim Dawson Agency, and The Campbell Agency, among others. 
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Brandpointe appreciates our talented collaborators, and our ongoing feature, Brandpointe Brags, gives a well-deserved shout out to the creatives that help enhance our company presence and our clients’ profiles.

Meet Steven Wallace. The creator of Optiks Studio is nothing if not unconventional, and Wallace’s unique perspective is most obvious in his compelling photography. Not to mention that his tendency to break the rules, both literally and figuratively, has helped Brandpointe snag some awesome shots of our clients and our team in action.

       Wallace captures the city’s design talent for Dallas’ PIN Show.

In His Own Words. We adore Wallace’s atypical take on things, and in summarizing his own career and talents, he writes, “I’m experienced in: photography, video, art, visualizing, climbing mountains, carrying propane tanks, sleeping in caves, and losing sleep. I can take your picture and make you look good. That’s what I do.”

Getting the Shot. You may have spotted Wallace’s recent work as the official photographer for Dallas’ PIN Show, where he captured runway looks from dozens of the city’s up-and-coming fashion designers. His images have graced the pages of PaperCity, Modern Luxury Dallas, and FD Luxe, and Wallace’s busy spring has also included shoots for Brandpointe and our clients.

From left: Behind the scenes with Wallace, model Jeanette Chivvis, and makeup artist Kiley Wirtz; the runway scene at Candle Room during a recent party for Ashard Richley handbags; Brandpointe client Brian Walker, as captured by Wallace in Oak Cliff.

Connect with Optiks. Want to contact Wallace? Find him via his website or Facebook page; we recommend checking out his avant garde work asap.