so I'm at aixa's house and it's currently 3:55 AM. the school cookout is tomorrow - well today, and we're still not sleeping. do you find anything wrong with that? cause I sure as hell don't. I also have ashard reading my every word. uh - ashard and I had

so sad. okayy, byeeee. goood morningg bitchessss :)

p.s - I’m sleeping with a snuggie :)

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Girl On Fire- Arshad Lyrics (Hunger Games Soundtrack)

This Song is Amazing<3

I really believe its kinda supposed to be like threw Peeta’s perspective and it fits so beautifully<3 

Day 7 of my OC challenge!

Full name: Eyara Lyerah Tribel

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 14th

Approximate creation year: 2004/2005

Likes: Rainy days, gentle winds, Zebra, hunting.

Dislikes: Rebels, harsh storms, sharp stones underfoot, needles

Sexuality: heterosexual

Pronouns: she/her

Single/taken: Taken. She is mates with a brown and black lion named Wicked (who isn’t accurately named) she has three cubs, Ashard, Shori, and Roshan. Ashard is destined to be the future King.

Species/ethnicity: Human/Lion. European. She has a human form, but she rarely uses it.

Strengths: a strong leader, fair, just, strong, logical

Weaknesses: emotional, often times harsh, controlling, paranoid

Personality: Eyara rules the Africana Island with an iron claw, but at the same time she is just as fair as she is strict. She cares about her pride, but finds it hard to trust openly.

Occupation: Queen of the Africana Island in Azurel, where humanoids are forbidden.

Story they were in (if applicable): N/A. She’s an RP character

Adopted/created?: created

Hard Reset Redux Announced

The previously PC exclusive first person shooter Hard Reset is coming to PlayStation 4, XBox One and again on PC asHard Reset Redux.

The Redux version of the game will feature upgraded visuals, new enemies, new weapons a rebalanced design and a cyber-katana.

The developer, Flying Wild Hog, is also working on Shadow Warrior 2, which is due for a release later this year. Check out the announcement trailer for Hard Reset Redux below.