SW and SI crews. What shampoo do they use?

Sharzul (sith warrior): Erm… It probably has word “shampoo” on it… I don’t know.

Vette: *quite a lecture about lekku and how to care about them. A lot of words like “lekku buffer”*

Malavai: Soap.

Jaesa: *listed like a hundred positions, all with different flavours*


Moru (sith inquisitor): Head&montrals. Yes, they paid me for that answer. Far more than others.

Khem Val: I BATHE IN BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES. Like great and almighty Tulak Hord.

Andronikos: No hair - no problem.

Ashara: Head&montrals. And no, they didn’t pay me. 

Talos: *quickly and insensibly changed theme to Naga Sadow`s favorite shampoo*

Xalek: *silently polishing claws*

Preference: Things They collect

Things They Collect (Modern!Female Edition) –

Male Edition:

Cersei Lannister – Jewelry. From vintage to new designs, as long as a lot of money was spent on the necklaces, rings, ear rings, and bracelets Cersei will wear them. She loves to show off her money and the fashion sense that money is able to afford.

Catelyn Stark – Anything her kids make at school/give her. Family means everything to her, her kids especially, and Catelyn, shamelessly, has tubs for each kid that holds art work, grade cards, awards, baby books/photo albums.

Margaery Tyrell – Men and Popularity. True to her got!verse personality, Margaery has a lot of friends with benefits and lives every day for the reputation, the popularity that she has amongst her peers.

Gilly – Books. Growing up in a poverish home, she never learned to read until she met and got with Sam. Sam taught her and from that moment on she and her friend SHIREEN started buying every book they came upon, reading endlessly.

Sand Snakes – Weapons and Poems from their Father. Weapons because they’re violent and are all about women protecting themselves. And the poems…they know their father isn’t very good at writing poetry, but the poems are pieces of love he writes and sends to them on a daily basis so they love them, no matter how poorly written or how cheesy they are.

Sansa Stark – Photos. From the time she was a young girl and her Uncle Benjen bought her her first ever disposable camera, Sansa has loved photography. There is no limit to what she will and won’t capture on film. Memories fade, but photos are forever.

Myrcella Baratheon – Plants. While her parents and family try to destroy things, using evil cruel methods to get their way, Myrcella has a garden that she tends to every day in order to bring life to the world that her family tries every day to take away.

Ashara Dayne – Love letters. With a lot of admirers, Ashara has collected love letters (when she was younger they were valentine’s day cards) for as long as she can remember.

Старый лорд Уэнт объявил турнир вскоре после того, как у него побывал брат, сир Освелл Уэнт из Королевской Гвардии. Варис нашептал королю Эйрису, что принц намерен занять отцовский престол и что турнир для Рейгара всего лишь предлог для встречи с возможно большим количеством лордов. Король, после Синего Дола носу не высовывавший из Красного Замка, вдруг пожелал ехать в Харренхолл вместе с принцем – с этого все и началось.
Танец с Драконами

The policemen always end up in the same corner - the one near the bar. Selmy pops by, arm-in-arm with his partner, Ashara, who is the sister of Arthur the Gun Nut in the firearms division. She is rather gorgeous in a delicate older woman sort of way, in what is apparently called a pants suit in very dark purple, her hair knotted elegantly at the back of her head. Selmy looks smug as fuck to be with her, but they both seem to worship the ground the other walks on. It’s nice to see the geriatric bastard smiling, rather than heroically and nobly stressed about work.

The One With The Fake Relationship chapter 3, by AsbestosMouth

In which: the end is nigh, though not in an apocalyptic way. Will they survive the wedding reception? How will they Sansa and Clegane cope with having to share a bed? And what about the morning after the night before?

Dum dum duuuuuum!

OC Kissing Week

Do you want your OCs to kiss my OCs? Do you want my OCs to kiss your OCs? Do YOU want to kiss my OCs?! Do you want my OCs to kiss each other?!?

I’m not entirely sure how much writing I’ll be able to do, nor do I art very well, but all my babies, except Lux, are available for smooches! Just send me an ask or message me if you have any ideas!

Two Songs of Ice and Fire (Part 3)

In George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, the true parentage of Jon Snow is a hot topic of debate and several theories have been created to uncover Jon’s mysterious origins. However, not many people question the true parentage of Daenerys Targaryen.

In part 1 and 2, to get some background of the events surrounding Jon Snow and Daenerys’ births I concluded that it is pretty unlikely that Daenerys grew up in Braavos, regardless of what Viserys has told her. The facts point to, Viserys is a big fat liar. I also discussed the relationship between Mad King Aerys and his sister-wife Queen Rhaella. They had tons of miscarriages and stillborn babies, which leads me to believe that the baby Daenerys that Rhaella birthed on Dragonstone did not survive.

This time around I will talk about the relationship between Ned Stark and Ashara Dayne. I will also talk about the events at the Tower of Joy and Ned’s promise.

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A thought...

This is total crack but here we go…

Maybe Reaper and Sombra were involved when Reaper was still Reyes and Overwatch hadn’t gone to shit yet. Like she was a high-ranking Blackwatch officer, right (idk actually, it makes sense to me)? Reaper, even as Reaper, relies on her and respects her.

So, the fun part is: what if Talon had gotten a hold of her, similarly to Widow, but actually kept her? Gabriel freaks the absolute fuck out, resolved to get her but Jack, despite how genuinely upset and distraught he is for Gabe, knows that the risk outweighs the reward. It gets to the point where Jack orders Gabe, actually has to us his position to keep him from doing something stupid. Another Gérard all over again.

But it backfires in the form of the destruction of the Swiss Headquarters because that was the last straw. Gabe thought that maybe, against the tensions between them, Jack would help him when he needed it more than ever. It was only natural that Gabe join Talon and become Reaper after that. For revenge and to be with the person he treasured most. Or maybe he joined and Sombra followed afterwards when she learned that recovering her wasn’t something Overwatch planned to do.

Idek. This is total crap probably but it was something interesting to think about.

ravenclawnerd  asked:

Ship that you have as an OTP: 🌹and Ship that you find cute but don't ship: ✌. Ship positivity, woohoo :)

Controversial Shipping Asks

Ship that you have as an OTP: 🌹 ……all of them? if I had to narrow it down I’d say shenko, shaynor, and anything involving either lana or theron

Ship that you find cute but don’t ship: ✌ hmm boss/troy from saints row is one, I love all the fic but don’t really ship it. and a bunch (most?) of the female LIs in swtor I think a ship could be cute but… the dynamics for most are a bit… off

[image: two togrutas (star wars aliens with head tails and horns) facing each ohter. One has an orange face with white eye spots and blue lekku (headtails), this one is ashara. the other is a blue force ghost, this one is kalatosh. Kalatosh is standing very close to ashara. end image]

Kalatosh Zavros is a really close talker. Oo

Okay, But Only Because Etienne Is Cute

The Rules are.
1. Answer the random 11 questions that are posted for you.
2. Create 11 new questions and tag 11 (I don’t know 11 people who play this game.)

All swtor things.

1.  Which Companion do you dislike the most for each class?

Sith Warrior – Broonmark. I do love that he’s a horrible murder-moth who communicates by buzzing about how he wants to feel bloodslick under his claws. However, the rest of the characters are real characters with interesting wants, quirks and background. Not simply murderous moths.

Sith Inquisitor – Ashara. She’s neat and all but not quiet as neat as everyone else.

Imperial Agent – I have started three Agents and have deleted them all because I hate the play style. Lolololololol

Bounty Hunter – My bounty hunter is on Nar Shadda so I still only have Mako to pal around with but I have it on good advice that I hate Skadge. So Skadge. 

Smuggler – Much like Agent, I hate the play style. However, I gave it a go and Corso is garbage from the off. So Corso.

Jedi Knight –  I really want to hate Doc but he reminds me of my favorite Ex and also I think he’s funny. But still, probably Doc. He lacks Rusk’s redeeming qualities (like making me scream “what are you???” at the monitor)

Jedi Consular – Consular’s story is boring. Next question!

Trooper – Everyone in the Squad is perfect and I will fight you.

Indi’s bonus subquestion: Who is your overall least favourite, KotFE, HK, Treek and other companions included?

Corso Riggs, because despite only playing Smuggler for a few hours he made me want to break his face. 

2.  Which Companion would you same-gender romance in Vanilla swtor, if you could?

I have a hard time believing that most of the companions are straight anyway but I suppose the big ones are: Talos (because science husbands), Quinn (because I like his romance and he’s already pretty gay at you), Scourge (yaaas), Kaliyo (you can flirt with her in KOTFE), Doc (Because it would be funny), Pierce (because yaaaas), Elara Dorne (YAAAAAAAAAS), Jaesa Wilsaam (Murder Girlfriends), Vette (LET ME LOVE YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU I WILL ACTUALLY BUY ARE STRAIGHT)

3.  What is your favorite species to play for each class?

Sith Warrior – Republic Zabrak or Sith PB
Sith Inquisitor – Imperial Zabrak but the nice thing about the storyline is that anything but Human or Sith PB works really well. 
Imperial Agent – Don’t care~
Bounty Hunter – Don’t care~ Mine is Chiss
Smuggler – Don’t care~ Maybe Cathar?
Jedi Knight – Sith PB and stop looking at me. 
Jedi Consular – Mirialan
Trooper - Chiss

4.  What is your favorite Planetary quest chain? (includes any that may have been removed due to “streamlining”).
Imperial Tatooine, for the gays (Sithar and Hael) but honestly I skip a lot of the planet Quests. Maybe Quesh because it’s short. 

Indi’s bonus subquestion: Who is your overall favourite non-class and non-expansion mission?

Um…I know I have done these. Maybe rescuing the Flesh-eater baby and hoisting it off on the Jedi Master? That one’s always funny. 

5.  Which Force blind class is your favorite gameplay wise?

6.  Which Force User class is your favorite to play “opposite alignment” for?

Light side Warrior is hysterical. I wish Light Side Inquisitor were better written. 

7.  Have you put a forceblind character through Kotfe? (If yes, which one?)
Going through it with my commando. 

8.  Tank, DPS, or Healer?
DPS because I hate playing with other people. 

9.  Did you kneel?
Nope. Trying to figure out if any of my characters will. The closest would be Fallon but she’s way too fucking proud. 

10.  What is your Ideal ending for KOTET?
As long as it’s interesting I’ll be chill. However, bonus funny answer: 

Empress Lana Beniko with her harem of literally everyone because holy shit that woman is thirsty. 

11.  If you could romance any companion (regardless of gender and original faction) in Kotfe/Kotet who would it be? (you can list more than one)
Romancing Senya would be interesting. 


Indi’s bonus subquestion: Any character in the SWTOR/KOTFE/KOTET in general, who would it be?

Romancing Arcann would be hilarious and, frankly, he does sort of propose at one point. Also Tora and Len. At the same time. Just Romance Koth’s crew. Good times. 

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The Griffin - Chapter 3, by SimplyLucia | Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

The new chapter is in! After Ashara Dayne’s sudden departure, Jon Connington has a conversation with the Master of Whisperers…

“We are not so different you and I,” Varys told Jon, stepping forward.
“Not so different?” Jon repeated, snorting. “I very much doubt it, Lord Varys.”
“No, we are not that different. We’re faithful to the Targaryens, even when they take foolish decisions, like falling in love with the Stark girl or roasting her father because he dared to protest. Even when they refuse to see the impending danger, you and I will defend their interests. I’m afraid this loyal attitude is not so common in the Red Keep. That’s why someday, when things turn badly – because hardships await the realm, that’s an absolute certainty – we’ll need to unite our strengths and fight the king’s enemies.”

You can’t tell me that LIs in KOTFE, who have searched for and begged the Outlander to come back, wouldn’t be on the first ships to Odessen when the Outlander’s identity was confirmed. Vector, Elara, Ashara, Quinn, Risha, Corso – they’d be the first ones there.

Some of them may be in more ‘official’ capacities than others (ex: Risha as queen of Dubrillion?) but they would be there ASAP.

And now people should send me prompts for a class and LI for me to write sappy reunions. Please?