Denial isn't working anymore

Has it occurred to anyone else that beginning to enter your daily food log into MyFitnessPal (or I guess any other diet/nutrition breakdown app) is the equivalent of finally balancing your checkbook instead of “estimating and winging it”?

So yeah. That’s a thing. I reloaded the app on my phone, because I needed to get a good look at the state of my nutrition (or lack of), and I’m too lazy to do it all manually. I’ve done the thing before and it just helps keep me accountable.

I. Am. Horrified. And a little ashamed.

Not of how much I eat. Of WHAT I eat. It is a sugar laden mess!! People I work with think that because I’m relatively small and I “don’t eat bread” that I’m somehow a healthy eater. Nope. Not even close.
(For those of you new to the party, I’m GF due to intolerance, not by choice.)

It’s no freaking wonder I feel like crap. And it can’t be doing my autoimmune bullshit any favors. All the vitamins and supplements I own cannot possibly begin to balance this out.

I need a reboot. Or maybe just a boot. In my ass. What did I say yesterday about spring cleaning? Guess this is going to be part of it.

I just saw something truly horrid.  Someone posted a sterek story on AO3 and there’s about 50 truly evil, wretched, abhorrent comments telling the writer to kill themself, that they should die of brain cancer, and other just truly despicable things.  All of this because they didn’t like they way the story was tagged and they didn’t like the story itself.

Whether the story was bad or not, you DON’T DO THAT!!!  WTF kind of people say things like that to someone?!  I was truly ashamed and saddened.

I don’t like to ask for things, but I’m begging everyone to please go to this story and try to counteract some of hate by giving support.  No author/story, no matter how bad, deserves this kind of hate.