Don’t let anybody make you feel you are nobody

Martin Luther King Jr. speaking at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio on July 28, 1967

Never be ashamed of the body you been blessed with. You can be African in the office, at the club, on the streets, at the farm, at school etc.. Black is beautiful therefore you have no reason to be ashamed of who you are. #Love it!

You were never created to feel depressed, unwanted, alone or ashamed. You were created to love and to be loved, and to feel that you are worthy and are valuable.
—  M.

This is what a 5'7", 320lb, size 24 “plus size” 30 year old woman looks like.

She has veracous veins, flattened feet and worn out knees. Her abdomen is covered in stretch marks. Acne rittles her body. Her stomach flap hangs low enough to cover most of her pubic hair. Her arms are so big they are the same size as the phone used to take these pictures.

This is what a potential heart attack looks like. Cancer. Stroke. Diabetes. This is what heart disease looks like. This is what death looks like at 30.

She is me. And I’m ashamed and afraid. I’m choosing to take the non-death route and fixing my life piece by piece. It won’t be done in one day or even one year. But I’m going to try.

This is what potential looks like.