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Hi! Can you tag me on Worth the Risk from now on? It's amazing and I'm so sad for the reader.. I hope Bucky stop being stupid and fix things with her. Pam is a bitch, worst friend ever! She need to tell him the truth! Doesn't she have a consciousness? Doesn't feel ashamed of what she did? Steve needs to do something too! I know "it's not his place bla bla" but she's suffering and he isn't doing anything to make things better.. Nat can put Pam against the wall and threaten her to tell the truth!

of course!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it omg

but like!! @ EVERYONE
It’s super important to remember that Pam doesn’t even know that all this is going on. she doesn’t know about Bucky and YN. She doesn’t know that what was a  small slip up in a moment of panic for her actually caused so much damage. No one’s told her what’s going on. No one’s told her that she caused damage. No one’s brought up the party at all.  so to her?? None of this is going on and that incident is in the past and forgotten. Because she literally hasn’t been told or shown otherwise.

Like legit. Bucky never opens up and suddenly he was so touched by it all that she was overwhelmed by a side of him that is NEVER shown. She got overwhelmed and panicked. She mentioned YN but after that? she didn’t know that Bucky ignored those words. She didn’t know the true motives behind YN running the party. She knew she made a small mistake, yes, but she had no clue things were so big and complicated. It was literally an honest mistake because she is literally in the dark on all of this.

I mean understandably, since this story is a reader insert you guys get used to the protagonist’s POV and you get emotionally involved but it’s important to remember that not every character in the story has the same insight that you do. Like even Nat doesn’t know everything that’s going on.

lmao this isn’t me going off at u (the girl who sent this, sorry i can’t find ur name) but like.. i get so much Pam hate from y’all and although I do go into more detail on the Pam front in the next few chapters, i just wanted to remind you guys that not every character has the same insight you do and that it’s important to remember Pam’s (and the others) POV in this.

Riku literally has NO CHILL when it comes to his best friend.

KH1 Riku: Oh, Sora found new friends? Fine, I’m gonna go sulk in darkness for the next few months.

COM Riku: Sora, I’ve finally learned how to handle my dark side - oh, he’s sleeping. Better go on a dangerous journey that could potentially cause darkness to take over me again just for the slightest chance of waking him up.

KH2 Riku: I’m too ashamed for you to see me like this, Sora, but I’m still going to casually stalk you and be helpful. Also, I’d be cool with spending the rest of my life on a beach in the World Between as long as it’s with you.

Coded Riku: I’m not even the real Riku and you’re not even the real Sora, but I feel very concerned about your well-being for some reason. For a journal, I seem to have an awful lot of real emotions. Weird.

358/2 Days Riku: I’m sorry that I’m being a bit of a jerk, Roxas, but Sora can’t wake up if you’re still around. You understand, right?

BBS Riku: I want to be strong so I can protect the people I care about. Sora. I’m talking about Sora.

DDD Riku: So, those two people love each other? I’m going to make blatantly obvious parallels to Sora and I. Dearly Beloved is the combined song of our souls. Sora is in trouble, I’m going to JUMP INTO HIS HEART AND SAVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT THE PERSONAL COST.

One Word

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tags: Smut, slight daddy kink, slight dirty talk

Words: 1639

Note: Shameless smut, pretty much Porn Without Plot.

Originally posted by hunterchesters

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going off my tags in that previous post, like Viktor was definitely preparing the eros routine for himself to passive aggressively aim at yuuri the next season. assuming yuuri continued skating, viktor fully intended on performing that routine to his fullest ability, using all his sexuality, and winking at yuuri when they’re competing in the same competition. yuuri being so confused and internally screaming when Viktor winks at him?? meanwhile viktor’s internal monologue is like ‘YOU BITCH YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE THE MANNERS TO LOOK ASHAMED FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME.’ the other competitors being like ‘hey we should hang out with yuuri more that guy is pretty cool’ chris being like ‘let’s invite yuuri over for drinks and dancing tonight’ and viktor being like ‘HM REALLY? SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA BUT ACTUALLY HARD PASS.’ finally at a competition they’re both in viktor and yuuri finally talk, mostly bc Viktor is still obsessed with him but isn’t totally sure yuuri is aware that his routine is about him. but yuuri is just like ‘The Viktor Nikiforov is making small talk with me OMG.’ and he tries to discuss the competition, “so everyone’s doing really well–” but viktor doesn’t give a fuck abt the competition and bitchily being like “I wonder if this banquet will be as interesting as last year’s.” Yuuri: “yeah….wait huh” Viktor, carefully aloof smile: “don’t tell me you plan on pole dancing half naked again this year.” yuuri fucking. dies. he’s so confused? “What? What happened last year? I remember getting to the banquet, picking up champagne, then waking up in a pool of my own vomit in a bathtub holding a dirty sock. Did I do something embarrasing????” cue that face viktor makes when yuuri dances up on him, that confused, blank stare. the stare of Realizing. he’s like ‘oh my god he doesn’t even remember. this whole time, i’ve been passive aggressively erosing at him this whole season and NONE of it has landed?’ anyway during this yuuri is a mess of anxiety and panic over embarrasing himself in front of Viktor and thinking Viktor hates him now. After the competition Viktor takes a leap of faith and asks yuuri out for coffee after the competition and yuuri says yes they fall in love, get married and adopt a thousand poodles.
best of both worlds (TeruDai, 6.3k so far)
by rarepairenabler aka tobioslilgiant

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 2/3
Relationships: Terushima/Daichi
Characters: Terushima, Daichi, Suga, Kuroo, Bokuto
Additional Tags: Celebrity AU, Neighbors AU, Misunderstanding, Fluff

Daichi smiles despite himself. He folds his hands beneath his chin. “So you’re an actor, huh? I saw that the community theater was doing Rent. Are you in that?”

Terushima stares for a long moment. And then another. “Me? Community theater?”

“Community theater’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Daichi reassures him.

“That’s not—” Terushima lets out a frustrated breath. His tongue sweeps across his lower lip and it’s only then that Daichi notices the metallic stud. Hell.

my rarepair exchange fic for the @hqrarepairexchange for @cubichelium

Link Neal <3

I’m at the airport with nothing to do. So I decided I’ll write down what I love about Link.

  1. He was the first one I noticed between Rhett and Link in this video.
  2. How his eyebrows do the / \ thing and it’s so cute.
  3. He introduced me to Bob Ross videos.
  4. His cutesy cheeks!
  5. His sharp well defined jawline which is SO much fun to draw.
  6. How he’s such a grandpa when it comes to social media.
  7. That moment he made Lily laugh while she was crying over an owl documentary.
  8. What a good actor he is!! (Damn that crying in BS1)
  9. How he’s not ashamed to admit that his kids beat him at chess.
  10. How he’s never bitter about losing a game to Rhett.
  11. How he takes Lincoln camping separately because he believes all kids deserve individual attention. 
  12. How he calls out Rhett for being inadvertently sexist sometimes.
  13. How adorable his character is in Buddy System.
  14. How he’s a little gay with Rhett :D
  15. How he plays the good cop when Rhett is so obviously being the bad cop.
  16. When he said, “I understand safe sex, physically. But as a dad I’m also concerned about my kids’ hearts. How do I deal with emotionally safe sex for them?”
  17. How he rolls his eyes when Rhett reveals naughty things about his personal life.
  18. How he gives Rhett heart eyes <3 
  19. How he referred to “Blow Drying” as “Blowing” that one time, and how much he laughed after that.
  20. How when asked how he and Rhett feel about each other, he immediately said, “We love each other.”
  21. How much he loves and admires John and Hank.
  22. How he garbles on tweets.
  23. How he’s so adorably imperfect and relatable.
  24. How smart he is.
  25. How he was obviously one of the “hot” guys in school, yet almost all of his relationships were initiated by girls. 
  26. How he admitted to feeling lost when he got the feeling that Rhett would go to school for basketball.
  27. How cute he is with Grace Helbig!
  28. How he sometimes flirts with female guests.
  29. How cute he is with Jen. 
  30. How he slips out stuff without thinking and then Rhett has to be like, “You can’t say that Link.”
  31. How adorable was his story of proposing to his wife, like he didn’t even have a ring but just couldn’t wait!
  32. How he was vying for attention whenever the conversation turned towards Rhett during the P4A 2014 livestream.
  33. How mature he seems to have gotten in the past 1-1.5 years.
  34. How freaking handsome he is. (Seriously, I don’t give enough credit to his good looks)
I'm going to write something that I haven't really seen mentioned on the tag, apologies if it has and this is overkill.

This mostly applies to new babies, but babies who started off really slow like I did can feel better reading this too!

Don’t be ashamed of your Splenda daddies! (it’s especially easy to have several of these too!)

You know that man can’t spend like you really want him to, he’s not sponsor material. Maybe he’s just an owner of a small business or businesses, who thinks he has what it takes to be a ‘sugar daddy.’ (For some reason men think they can gain that title for as little as filling up a gas tank.) He wants to take you out, and give you a little something-something to help you out. Let him. Start your hustle on easy targets, it helps gain the confidence necessary to fuck with the whales.

Obviously with splendas though, you usually have to ask for specific things. They’re not quick to just hand out Benjamins unless they’re trying to impress someone (I work as a cocktail waitress, I see this a lot).

That 200$ (or less) you get just for a date with this man should be used to invest in yourself! Get your hair done, your nails done, buy a new outfit that makes you feel good. So when you DO meet your sponsor material, you’ll be even more ready.

We all have to start somewhere, and honestly practicing dating techniques with splendas is great. Worst case scenario you’ll get a free manicure and dinner.

OOC corner, again:

I can’t get over Emil’s tag here on tumblr and I’ll tell you why.
Especially young people in my country these days are nothing but ashamed of being Czech and living in the Czech Republic. And you might say that one stupid anime won’t change anything, that our character is very minor, blah blah blah… it’s our character, though! He’s well drawn, well thought through so far, I can see him as a normal czech guy! And seeing all these young czech people being proud of him and saying things like “Yuuri and Victor are great, but I have to stay partriotic! Go Emil!” is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. :) 
This anime just brings so much joy!!!! 

Edit: Regarding the Emil = PEWDIEPIE thing. Guys. I get it, it’s funny, it’s oddly accurate, BUT!!!! Please, don’t take Emil away from us. :’) We don’t want you to remember him as the pewdiepie on ice, we want you to remember him as the CZECH cute as hell cinnamon roll. Not a Swedish gamer.

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hcs Chirrut+ a bounty hunter

Dating Chirrut as a bounty hunter:

  • You wanting to keep your bounty hunter life separate from him, mostly out of safety but at the same time you feel somewhat ashamed of it.
  • But him never actually judging you for what you do; he knows this is your job and he accepts that.
  • Tagging along with you on your assignments without you knowing.
  • “Chirrut? What in the-” “Just pretend I’m not here.” 
  • Teaching each other combat and weapon skills.
  • Him trying to find other jobs for you to make a living to try and get you out of the bounty hunter business.
  • Him always being nervous when you go off on an assignment, though on the outside he doesn’t show it.
  • Being super loyal to each other, will never give away anything about the other person.
  • Him often covering up for you if anyone is investigating one of your assignments. 
  • You often getting scared he’ll leave you or berate you for your job.
  • And he can sense your insecurity, and him reassuring you.
  • “You don’t have to stay with me, Chirrut. You are a good person, and I am not.” “The Force has brought us together, y/n. Your job does not define you. I will stay by your side no matter what you do, because I love you.”



One Day & Thank You

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#i know pollux is just a minor character #but seriously #the loss is so important #i mean #i really think it was unfair that it ended up like fred and george weasley #I’m crying #nobody touch me

“His name was Castor. I was ashamed that I’d seen him around camp for three years and never even bothered to learn his name. He’d been seventeen years old.  His twin brother, Pollux, tried to say a few words, but he choked up and just took the torch. He lit the funeral pyre in the middle of the amphitheater, and within seconds the row of shrouds was engulfed in fire, sending smoke and sparks up to the stars.”

We REALLY don’t talk about Castor & Pollux at all. Minor characters are so important and look how much Percy felt so guilty for not getting to know his fellow campers. Pollux was too emotionally compromised to even speak a few words on his brother’s behalf.

And I hate it how everyone makes Dionysus the careless god.

Just look how pissed off he is.

Angry!Daddy Mr. D is the best Mr. D.

prepare yourselves for a straight-up snezfic that will not see the light of day on a//o3


“I’m not so sure about this.” His voice is hopelessly congested and thick, and the reason for that was that Sportacus’ nose was too sore for him to try to blow it. He had resorted to sniffling instead, but Robbie had grown tired of listening to it. That’s the only reason he’s trying to help. Obviously. “It’s really not a big deal anyway.”

Robbie only scoffs as he sits in front of Sport on the bed, jar in-hand. “Not a big deal? Listen to yourself, Sportasnot. You can hardly breathe.”

Sportacus still looks unsure, but he’s been breathing through his mouth all day and it would be nice to be able to blow his nose when it’s not so sore. He gives a stuffy sniffle and raises an eyebrow at Robbie.

“It’ll help. Trust me!”

Robbie dips a finger in the vaseline and instructs Sportacus to look up. He gently rubs the stuff onto the peeling red underside of Sportacus’ nose. The hero nearly recoils at the touch at first, gasping in pain, but it doesn’t take long for him to relax as the soft substance begins to soothe.

The villain feels Sportacus’ nose begin to run, but know that the guy’s too stuffed up to do anything about it. That’s why he was in his current situation, after all. Robbie dabs the stuff on the edge of Sport’s nostrils and that’s when he realizes a giant flaw in his plan.

This nasty cold has made the hero’s nose far more sensitive than it usually is, and here he is, poking at it like it’s his job.

Sportacus’ mustache twitches a bit, red nostrils flaring at the irritation, nose crinkling.

“Wait a minute,” Robbie urges, trying to get the vaseline everywhere it needs to go. Sportacus’ nose is still running, most likely irritating it further, but they can’t do anything about it without undoing Robbie’s progress.

But the hero’s breath is already hitching. “I- hhh…”

“Almost done! Just a little while longer!” He goes to apply some to Sport’s upper lip.

The other man lets out a whimper, barely suppressing the tickle. “No, Robbie, I really need to snehhhh- sneeze. Snf!

Suddenly, Sportacus snaps forward, bringing one hand to his face to cover a particularly wet sneeze. He manages to avoiding sneezing in Robbie’s face (thank goodness) but the villain still feels an abundance of the spray on his arm.

Sportacus keeps his hand hovering over his nose, not sure whether he should rub it or not. A mix of vaseline and snot pools on his upper lip and he sniffles, but it’s useless. He hasn’t blown his nose all day, so mere sniffling isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Robbie sees that the entire bottom half of his face is a mess (because frankly, Sport’s hand isn’t hiding a thing) and without thinking, he grabs a tissue and cleans the man’s face. Shamelessly wiping away all of his hard work along with the expelled nasal contents.

“Sorry, sorry.” He goes a little gentler when he catches the hero wince at the touch. Finally, he gives the abused nose one last wipe.

They both sigh in unison, although Sportacus’ out of relief. Robbie realizes that the guy can breathe through his nose again. Granted, he’s still sniffly, but he doesn’t sound like he’s struggling to get a breath in. But… his nose is still horribly red and sore.

“Let’s try this one more time.” Robbie says, grabbing the jar once again.

Sportacus groans.

Friday Night (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None! I haven’t updated a non-angsty imagine in a while so I figured I would treat you all. Also this may have been inspired by an episode of Raising Hope

Words: 2,333

Warnings: Spiders?

Tags: @annadier @happelu970 @shamvictoria11 @spookass @pabegay1 

I’m binge watching Walking Dead and I’ve made it to season 3 in three days, I’m not at all ashamed by it. Also Daryl is hot and I want to kiss him repeatedly. 

It was your typical boring Friday night. Nothing exciting was happening around the tower, some were out on small missions and if they weren’t out on missions, they were in sweats and netflixing the night away. 

You were amongst the group of non-missioners. In fact you hadn’t been out on a mission in a few weeks, due to medical reasons. You would love to say that you got hurt by doing something heroic and awesome, but sadly that was not the case. 

Six weeks ago, on a rainy Tuesday night you were taking the trash out to the dumpsters behind the tower. Those dumpsters were filled high with all of Tony’s shit that he couldn’t find a use for, they were more like Tony’s personal dumpsters than the whole towers. 

You were in your pajamas and your panda slippers, keeping in mind those panda slippers were the most slippery slippers you owned. You slid throughout every room of the tower whenever you wore them, but you loved them nonetheless. 

The storm had died down quite a bit at the time you took out the trash, and it was only lightly sprinkling, however the ground was slippery and wet. There were huge puddles everywhere and you had to be careful not to step in one. 

You were staring down at the ground and tiptoeing towards the large dumpsters only a few feet away from you when you saw it. It was large, black and hairy. It looked like it could take up the size of your palm and it was only mere inches away from your foot. 

You gasped and tried to back up from it and go a different route to get to the dumpsters, even if it meant lightly stepping into a puddle. Your slippers slid on the slick ground beneath you and pulled your feet out from under you. Before you went slamming onto the ground, your left leg ending up in a not so good angle under your ass.

The trash bag that was gripped tightly in your left hand went swinging down and landed hard on one of your eyes. You let out a shriek and you were in too much of a shock to realize the amount of pain surging up and down your left leg. 

You tried scooting backwards back towards the door you came out of, but when you got close enough to try to open it from the ground, Sam decided to swing it open and come see what was taking you so long. 

You ended up with a fractured leg, black eye, bruised ass and a concussion. 

It was not your proudest moment, but the spider was huge. What were you supposed to do? Step on it and risk it jumping on you? Or worse, come back to life and crawl into your mouth while you were sleeping? The hell with that.

“Have you seen Bucky?” You passed Vision and Wanda together in the halls, Wanda was blushing and Vision seemed nervous. They were like a couple of teenage sweethearts, you loved them together. 

“He is in the family room, Miss Y/n.” Vision nodded towards you and offered a small smile. You knew that Wanda was working with him on acting less as a computer and more of a human. 

“Thanks,” You winked at Wanda and her blush darkened. “You two lovebirds have fun.”

“You go have fun with Bucky, you two are the real lovebirds.” Wanda looked over her shoulder at you once you had already passed them, your panda slippers slipping and sliding slightly every time you turned. 

You and Bucky had started dating six months ago. It took long enough for you two to actually start dating, Tony pretended to go on a couple dates with you to make Bucky jealous. So Bucky pretended to go on a couple dates with Nat to make you jealous. Bucky didn’t know that you dating Tony was fake and you didn’t know that him dating Nat was fake.

You started flaunting off your relationship with Steve around Bucky, Steve was your best friend. The two of you were tight and even had a tradition to go on a romantic dinner once a month even though you both were disgusted at the idea of dating each other. You were friends, not anything else. 

So Bucky became really close with Wanda, developing the same type of close relationship you had with Steve. 

After months of torturing each other, Bucky finally asked you out a date. It was the night of a huge snow storm and you had decided to go get ice cream, because you were out. It logically didn’t make sense to risk going out in a snow storm to get ice cream, but you didn’t care. 

You were fumbling with your keys and by the time you finally got your car door open, it was slammed shut by Bucky’s hand. He went on to give you the most perfect speech about how much he loved you and how you probably didn’t feel the same way, but you cut him off with the most electrifying kiss. 

It was everything you ever imagined it to be. Shivers ran up and down your arms and spine, but it wasn’t from the bitter cold. Your legs felt weak and at one point you used Bucky as a support for yourself. His arms were wrapped so tightly around you, and your hands clutched onto his jacket, pulling him closer. 

The snow was the cherry on top. It was sort of a cliche, but you loved a good romance story. 

But then your lips got frozen together and Steve had to help break the two of you apart; literally

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Rebooting a reboot???


We had got over Scream getting only 6 episodes for last season but you let us down even more!?

You can’t leave it here. It’s like you have canceled it.

You are fuckin embarrassing Wes Craven’s legacy. He made trilogy, you have chance to make trilogy. Perfect way of honoring him and you just throw it away??

You wanna reboot? Fine, reboot, but fuckin finish the story first. You ended s2 with cliffhagger you damn ASSHATS!!

Emma finally unlocked Sidney level of badassness.

Emmaudrey is this 👌 close to becomming canon.

Brooke is finally happy (with Stavo).

Noah is alive.

Brandon James is (possibly) in town. They are finally gonna tell us whole story






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How is your relationship with your other sibling?

(Obligatory tagging for mentions: @diadembound, @chlodebamf, @cloudtoprose, and @kistenian-haillenarte)

“My siblings!” Stephanivien laughs, a fond smile already lighting his face. “We are a close family, of course, for all we’re scattered every which way across the map. Aurvael is closest to myself in both age and temperament; thick as thieves we were, as children - these days I primarily outfit the ships he uses in his expeditions to the Diadem, but I confess there is little he could ask me for that I’d not do all in my power to provide.

Kistenian is the social butterfly of the family, which unfortunately leaves us to travel in quite different circles; you can imagine the disdain he must already face for being my brother, never mind what he’d face if we spent a great deal of time together - still, I do enjoy what rare moments we catch together; it is always delightful to watch his mind at work.

Laniatte, my only sister, is the proud commander of Camp Cloudtop, and as such I seldom see her - only when duty calls me out to craft or repair some part on the Protector. I daresay she’s pleased to see me only seldom; I am not a knight, after all, and in our youth I tormented her - as well as Chlodebaimt - with pranks; ‘tis no wonder she wants little to do with me.

And Francel… he has ever been closer to Lani than the rest of us, and I confess, I have difficulty thinking of ways to connect with him - he is quiet and scholarly where I have never been either, and we have so little common ground; only our shared friendship with Haurchefant. That said: I am eternally concerned for him and care a great deal for his well-being; I regret my father’s decision to allow Francel to serve at the Locks out of a misplaced sense of duty. “

He is silent for a long moment, then: “And Chlodebaimt… I was never kind enough to Chlode. I ought to have been a better brother to him, Fury watch over his soul.”

Kissing meme

I’ve been tagged by some people - @alpheratz1, @froschkuss, @alma-enigmatica and I think someone else) to list 10 characters I would like to kiss.

Honestly, guys…. what did you expect????

#1 Cullen Rutherford

#2 Cullen Rutherford
#3 Cullen Rutherford
#4 Cullen Rutherford
#5 Cullen Rutherford
#6 Cullen Rutherford
#7 Cullen Rutherford
#8 Cullen Rutherford
#9 Cullen Rutherford
…and guess what?
#10 Cullen Rutherford!

I’m sure everybody has already done this, but I’ll try to tag someone anyways: @khirsahle, @stregatadallostregatto, @lonyn, @ladydanya, @drhu0806, @inquisitorcanorarutherford, @ces479, @cometeclipsewriting, @skogrr, @im-not-great-at-making-up-names :)