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hey one of ur fans was sending hate to a kin blog saying that kin people make them ashamed to like communications just saying,,

hey @ whoever did this: consider not being a complete asshole for once???? like have your own opinions whatever floats your boat but christ are you really that immature as to take it out on other people lmao????????

can we talk about the boys first time? philip making sure lukas was okay with doing it, asking for consent twice. lukas smiling after philip kisses him. the two of them threading their fingers together. being cautious and gentle.

Menstruation is hardly the stuff of poetry. In fact, in India, if periods are talked about at all, it’s in whispered code, and never with someone of the opposite gender.

But a group of medical students at the Calicut Medical College in the southern state of Kerala wanted to change all that. So in March, they launched a contest called Haiku, which encouraged students to submit short stories, poems and verse about menstruation, all under 140 characters. The idea was to get young people to speak more openly about periods.

“It’s a normal, biological thing, we shouldn’t be ashamed,” says James Paul, a student at the college who came up with the contest idea. Before going to medical school, he admitted that talking about menstruation made him feel shy. But his professors and textbooks helped him get comfortable with the topic.

Breaking The Taboo Of Talking About Periods

Illustration: Hanna Barczyk for NPR

Louis gets shit on constantly. He gets asked disgusting questions by inexperienced, gross people, and he always keeps his composure. He is so poised and well-spoken. He never cracks under pressure. He exudes professionalism and I’m just really proud of him for that. He still manages to stay humble and in good spirits, and that’s a really hard thing to do when you have been through what he’s been through.

Because you guys are awesome, I thought I’d give you this a little early. JACKSEPTICEYE CIVIL WAR VOICE-OVER!

Sorry that the quality’s a little shitty. I had to lower it to upload it to Tumblr. I would’ve posted the link to it on YouTube, but it got taken down :’(

If you want a (hopefully) better quality video, there’ll be a link to it on my channel in a couple days.

Jack, if you’re reading this, I really hope you liked it, and thank you for commenting on some of my other stuff. I’m not ashamed to say I started jumping up and down like a little girl for at least 2 minutes after reading what you had to say. You’re awesome, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to meet you and get one of those super-special Jacksepticeye hugs… one day :’)

Also, I know you answered my question before, but I would really, really love for you to play Spider-Man 2 on the channel.. or any Spider-Man game. They’re all awesome (aside form the last one… ugh)… Sorry if I seem a bit too ‘requesty’. I’ll enjoy your content with or without Spidey :)

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Mod Allura can I have a link to your YouTube?

*blushes* which one?

I like to walk alone. I walk until the gum in my mouth has lot its flavor. I walk until the sun has set and I can barely see the road in front of me. I walk until my feet ache and my face is flushed, I walk until I have no more storage in my phone for more pictures of the sunset. I walk in hopes that the sounds and fresh air will soothe the breaking and screaming. and i’m ashamed to say it, but I walk alone so that maybe, just maybe, you decided to walk alone too.
—  crossing paths

Tropic Thunder II by Jerry Fryer
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First time I’ve ever shot lightning I’m ashamed to say - couldn’t resist the swaying palms & granite rocks as foreground - don’t get that in the Surrey Hills Thanks to Everyone who took the trouble to view, comment or fave.

I have always felt comfortable in my house. Sure, my family has different ideals, we’ve had our arguments, but until recently, these remained a simple difference in opinion.
Now? Now, I’m almost ashamed to say I’m frightened. I’m frightened of my own family. No, they would never hurt me, not intentionally. And yes, they love me, wholeheartedly.
But they are voting for Trump.
They are voting for Trump, and through some twisted mental gymnastics have convinced themselves that he’s not a dangerous human being. Phrases like, “He’s apologized for his comments against women” or “He’s gotten better now his campaign has taken off” resonate through my home daily.
My safe place, a place that is supposed to be a sanctuary from the dangers of the world, has been corrupted.
It has been corrupted by hate, bigotry, and downright brainwashing.
Some may find this post dramatic, some may say it’s all a ploy to twist people towards my way of thinking. I’m here to say this post is nothing but a young queer woman voicing her concerns for the sake of herself and millions like her.
As I write this, I can hear Trump’s final speech playing on the living room TV. Each cheer, each phrase laden with underlying hatred makes me more fearful by the second.
Contrary to what my family has said, Trump has not ‘gotten better’. He has not changed his views, not since the beginning of his campaign, and certainly not since the many deplorable actions in his past. He has learned to be a politician. He has learned when to say the right things at the right times, and when to keep the wrong in.
Trump has not changed. Some scripted apologies may convince some, but it will not convince me.
I’m begging you, everyone of age, vote. Please.
What I’m feeling right now, in my own home, this crippling fear? If Trump wins, that fear will be spread across every aspect of my life, and the lives of countless others.
Do not allow this to happen. Do not vote third party, that’s a wasted vote that will split the Democratic vote and enable Trump’s win.
Do not vote for Trump.
You may not like Hillary, you may think she’s just as bad as Trump. Hell, I’m not her biggest fan myself. But I can assure you, should Trump get elected, his damage will be tenfold that of Hillary’s.
As a queer woman, as a young voter, as a fellow human being, I implore you: don’t let fear win. Don’t let bigotry back into this country.
Don’t let Trump into office.

Sometimes I just have this overwhelming feeling of hatred for the human race. This is how I know it is time to hermit.