ashamed of myself but still fangirling


I touch my chest. “Trust me, I know. I’m a sexpert.” I never thought I’d be able to say that without blushing or feeling ashamed. I bite my gums to keep from smiling. I’m proud of myself, and it’s a weird thing to be. I revel in this triumph. I’m nearing the last stretch of a long bumpy road, bruised from falling, but still running. It feels good.

( 08 / 01 ) - to this part-time superhero and part-time fairy who not only inspired me but also made me laugh with her goofiness and fangirl moments, made me cry as she fought her battles and won them, made me proud when she finally believed in herself and realized that she’s strong. lily calloway, you made me love you in ways i never expected. you really have superpowers and you’re truly magical. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LILY.