ashallyn' darkmyr tallyn

Dreams are for mortals, humans whose emotions are so strong, so consuming, they spill over into their subconscious minds. The fey do not usually dream; our sleep is untroubled by thoughts of the past or future, or anything except the now. While humans can be tormented by feelings of guilt, longing, worry and regret, most fey do not experience these things. We are, in many ways, emptier than mortals, lacking the deeper emotions that make them so…human. Perhaps that is why they are so fascinating to us.
—  Ashallayn’ Darkmyr Tallyn (The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa)

i fixed it. which means i made it icier and sharpened it like a bajillion times and texturized it and a lot of stuff happened here and i forgot half of them. and i actually like this now except it’s nothing to compared to everything else and i have contributed nothing but really bad things to this fandom haven’t i?