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sealofwisdom136  asked:

oh!!! oh!!!! i know a bit of romanian~ here, ill share some *100% effective in **every** scenario* pickup lines it goes like this (spelled phonetically) 'ah-lo gah-gee-coo-tz-oh keh m-ay fah-kee che(said like check) teh-ah-sh loo-ah coo me-neh ah-ka-soo-ka mmmm eh-sh-tee asha boo-n-oh-ah-ka baby' also keep in mind that words are gendered in romanian so this only applies to ppl w/ feminine pronouns!! hope it helps!! it certainly helped me-- it's how i greet all my potential girlfriends lol

i,, want to thank you whole heartedly for this advice, it’s been so deeply helpful to my relationship with girls, and they always respond so nicely !!1!!11!!!! chiar nu stiu ce m-as fi facut fara ajutorul tau.