asha grejoy


This isn’t an “extended” trailer, this is just Trailer 2 followed by Trailer 1, but that’s OK because it’s still helpful to have everything in one place. Three things:

  1. Am I the only one in the world who’s happy to see Beric Dondarrion (with his flaming sword) back (at 1:10)? I mean, I know he’s dead for real now in the books because he used up his resurrection power bringing Lady Stoneheart back, but I liked him.
  2. Who is that stumbling out of the boat at 1:28? Please don’t tell me Gendry has been bobbing around at sea since the end of Season 3. I mean, I’ll be glad to see him, too, but I need a story about what he’s been doing all this time.
  3. OK, so we get Grey Worm and Missandei kissing in both trailers. Pause it at 3:09, after we see him take off his shirt. Is that Yara (a.k.a. Asha in the books) Greyjoy kissing Ellaria Sand? What the actual fuck? Just because they’re the only women on the show who have been acknowledged as liking other women doesn’t mean they have to get together. That doesn’t even make any sense. How did they even end up in the same place, other than the magical power of token-lesbian attraction?

part 1

part 2

exhibit e: The Greyjoys once headed a ring of thieves and criminals based around the coldest, foulest docks of Westeros. Everyone else steered clear of them, until old Balon decided river-water wasn’t enough for him and threatened to expand his empire further into the city. After being firmly put down by the Baratheons, his youngest son Theon was sent off on scholarship to a prep school in the Northern Borough, in the hopes that the apple would drift far from the tree. Now he comes home to a father determined to finish what he started, a sister who has taken his place, and a mother slowly gone mad. And in the shadows, the Crow’s Eye waits, and plots, and waits…

i said i’d try to finish it! eugh there were going to be more but i got lazy. aeron the zealous preacher on the corner, fire and brimstone and a voice like thunder; victarion the almost-upstanding businessman who will abandon it all should his brothers whistle; and so on. 

maybe some dornish later? who knows?